Oct 7, 2015

The Perfect Rainy Day

I love rainy days. I know that sounds strange, but there's something nice about being forced to stay inside and enjoy your home/family. This past weekend was a very special one for Ryan and I. We just got engaged and I couldn't be happier! The night before all of this took place, we did some shopping at Marshalls for some relaxing goodies for the weekend. 

I wanted some delicious snacks, and some new candles for the house, but of course I found tons of other things while I was there. I got the cutest pair of rain boots, and the comfiest sweater I ended up wearing when we got engaged. Marshalls played a huge role in our engagement weekend, so this is one rainy weekend that I will NEVER forget. 

Sometimes the universe gives us time to unwind, and even though the sun is shining really brightly this week, I really enjoyed my special rainy weekend in. It couldn't have been any more perfect.


  1. Me too, love a good rainy day!! <3 And your ring is perfection, Maria! So happy for you guys. Yay!! xo

  2. I love your blog post. <3 I agree with you about a good rainy day. It's very nice to stay inside while rain. Congrats on getting engaged! :D xx Loiriam


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