Sep 8, 2015

Sweet Summer Days

As soon as the sun starts setting, the air starts to feel a little bit cooler, and the lighting is simply perfect. I am enjoying the last few hours of sunlight as much as I can because I know that pretty soon, it'll be dark so much earlier! Although the summer seemed to fly by, I am excited for the Fall (as always) and can't wait for the chillier days where layering is necessary and you need a light coat and jeans to leave the house. 

This past week has been a huge transitional week for me- but in the best way possible. There have been a lot of changes happening, and school is back in session which means FOOTBALL is back! I will be super busy for the next few months between work, blogging, and social events, but I couldn't be more excited about it. I am one of those people who works best when they are extremely busy, and it keeps me motivated to keep moving, and growing.

I hope you guys had a great weekend, and hopefully September is a great month for you!

Details: Gladiators (sold out, but here's a similar pair!) Raglan Tee (sold out but here's a similar one!), Tory Burch Tote (same color, different material - and in black) , Scalloped Skirt , Eleanor Chain Bib (on major sale!) , Rings *from left to right* Lisa Leonard Stackables, UO Ring, Perry Rhodes Moonstone ring 


  1. Love the sandals and the necklace! Very cute look!

  2. Love the slight scallop on the skirt! Also, I know what you mean about being busy because of a transition period. I'm training at my new job this entire next month and it's going to keep me extremely busy!

  3. Gorgeous outfit! Especially love the accessories!

    Dearest Lou


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