Jul 24, 2015

Monterey, California

Now that I am back in the swing of things, I am missing California and its crazy weather even more. These are some of my favorite shots, and I also wanted to share some of our whereabouts while we were there as well. One of the days we rented little cars and drove through Cannery Row. This was really fun, and the view along the way was so beautiful. I had my camera around my neck, trying to snap as much as possible.

As always, here I am snapping photos on my phone, and of course my trusty Starbucks is next to me.

Tiffany and I just so happened to be both wearing black head to toe. Hysterical and funny, but also appropriate because we both tend to do that on a regular basis anyway! Below you'll see a picture of a random street pup. I was missing Ollie so much that every dog I saw, I begged the owner if I could pet them to fill the void of it. It made me wish that I brought him with me, but seeing all the cute pups everywhere definitely helped distract me :)

The photos you see above are taken at Loulou's Griddle in the Middle aka the most amazing breakfast spot ever! I highly recommend it if you're in the Monterey area. Ryan and I both got omelettes, but we also decided to split a pancake, that was literally bigger than both of our heads! Keep in mind we have big heads too ;) 

I loved the set up of this breakfast spot, even though it was small, it was decorated so eccentrically and fun, something right out of an episode of Diners,Drive Ins and Dives. Not only was the spot cute, but the locals were so friendly, and the food was delicious!


  1. Always loving your beautiful photos, pretty lady! Those remind me my summer 2012. Such a nostalgia. (:


    ♥ Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ♥


  2. beautiful photos



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