Feb 17, 2015

Say No , To Snow.

I'm starting to feel like this snow is never ending. Every single day we wake up, look outside and fear the worst! Yesterday morning our cars were covered, and snow was blowing beautifully everywhere as we woke up. I don't usually mind the snow, but when I have somewhere to go it's hard and frustrating to clean it all up. Trying to clean the top of a car when you're only 4'10" is hard work-let me tell you! By the time I'm done I feel like I participated in a full work out. (insert angry face here). I must admit the snow is pretty beautiful and peaceful when it first falls, and it does make everything a little prettier too. I guess it can stay for a little while longer. 

What brightens up these days for me is a little pop of color. It really can go a long way when you're surrounded by dreary skies and snow as far as the eyes can see. 

Details: Bodysuit *under $9!* via F21 , Skinny Jeans via JBrand , Hunter Boots , 3 Finger Ring & Onyx Ring , Scarf (similar-mustard)(similar-yellow),Hat via Marshalls c/o (similar) (similar in black)


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  2. love that yellow scarf!

    xx nikki

  3. Haven't checked in on you in a while! Glad to see you're doing well and just as beautiful as ever! Love this outfit! :)


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