Feb 19, 2015

Scent Décor With P & G Unstopables

Thank you P&G Unstopables for sponsoring this post. With Unstopables you can create your own luxurious scent décor by styling your environment and your wardrobe with sophisticated fragrances reflective of your signature style.

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Today I am going to be talking about home decor, but also incorporating my new found love for P & G Unstopables products! Since moving into my place I have been obsessed with making it my own. From the painting, to the furniture, and everything in between, I am very particular about how I want my house to look. One thing that has always been really important to me, is keeping my home clean and smelling great.

The P&G Unstopables products provide a way to create your own signature scent for your home. "Unstopables is a new, crave-worthy collection of air, home and fabric care products that delivers rich, long-lasting and enveloping sensorial experiences for scent styling and upscaling one’s environment and wardrobe."

Not only do these products smell amazing, they also look amazing. The packaging is exquisite and it fits in perfectly with styling the rest of your home. It adds a fragrant touch that also provides long lasting scents for your home and linens. I know sometimes we like to hide our fragrance bottles because they don't look nice, but these products don't need to be hidden. They look beautiful and will fit into your stylish home just perfectly. A few days ago the house smelled like everything I had cooked the night before (broccoli, brussels sprouts etc.) so I used the Unstopables Scented Oil Warmer. I plugged it into our bathroom and when I got home a few hours later the whole house had this fresh aroma. It wasn't overpowering, but it got rid of the smell that was left over in the air. I couldn't believe it!

I also love their fabric refresher products. If you need a little extra boost of fragrance, you've met your match. Right now I am using their "fresh scent" which is super light and vibrant. Our clothes smell really good, and even Ollie's blankets smell fresh!  It's hard to keep a home & your linens smelling fresh when you have a puppy sometimes, but this stuff has truly helped.
"Personal fragrance is a way of communicating to the world who you are. It tells a story without saying a word. Within your home, scent acts as a thread that weaves your furniture, artwork and décor elements into a personal narrative. Be bold and experiment with the different long-lasting Unstopables scents, to present the story you want your home to tell. Your home should be your sanctuary, filled with the décor that brings you joy but also the fragrances that stir your emotions." ~ Carlos Huber

Unstopables fabric refresher and air refresher are infused with a proprietary long-lasting fragrance technology that slowly releases freshness over time to continually give the air and your fabrics a fragrant boost enhancement. The Unstopables line of candles and scented oil warmers are comprised of alluring perfume oils to deliver a rich and enveloping experience. In-wash scent booster beads allow you to enjoy a fresh scent experience infused on linens, towels, clothes and other fabrics with sophisticated scents. The line lets you scent style and upscale your environment and wardrobe so you can smell like the lifestyle you deserve.

"Your space needs to be as bold as you are. It should represent who you are and what you love. For the living room, try a bold paint color or a textured rug to add character – an end table lacquered in black or a chevron throw for the sofa will all make a space feel designed to. Think of scent the same way. Layer scent throughout your home with the new Unstopables collection. It will add so much elegance. " ~ Nate Burkus

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