Jul 1, 2014

Summer Trends With Lulus. Com : Gladiator Sandals

Happy Tuesday guys! This is the last and final installment of my summer trends, and I had such a fun time doing all of these. If you haven't kept up with these posts, here are some past ones. (Flower Crowns  / Americana / Crochet) Gladiators are one of my favorite trends this summer and even though it's an old trend that carried over, I still LOVE it. 

Maybe it's the inner Greek in me, but either way I love the way they look, and I really love the fact that I feel like I am wearing boots, but they're actually sandals. It bridges the fall look into summer pretty well :)

What are your favorite summer trends?

Things have been pretty busy around these parts. I am either working, or running around trying to keep up with life. As usual there are never enough hours in the day, but I am trying to make my Summer days count. Above everything I am trying to fill my life with the things that make me happy, because ultimately that's what matters. I can't believe today is the first of July. Where did the time go?

Two more months of the hot sun is more than enough for me. As usual I am dreaming about Fall already. The grass is always greener, right?

Details : Dress (similar), Gladiators (similar), Flower Crown // Courtesy of Lulus , Anchor Bracelet // Courtesy of ONecklace (10% off with code GIFT1) , Beaded Bracelets // Nordstrom , Blue Stone // Vintage , Belt // UO


  1. You look beautiful as always little sis. Love you in gladiator sandals!

  2. that dress is gorgeous!




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