Oct 22, 2013

Violet & Suspenders

Details: Black Suspender Skirt // Courtesy of LulusHat // Courtesy of Lovely Bird , Hamsa Necklace // Courtesy of Violet Bella , Bandera Boots // Courtesy of Minnetonka Mocs , Rings & Bracelets // Vintage & AE

When suspenders and a skirt meet, you can't really go wrong. I am in love with this skirt because it can be easily dressed up or down and it can even be worn in the winter because all you have to do is throw some tights on.

This week has been crazy! If you guys follow me on instagram (@littletreevtg) you'll know that I just adopted a puppy! His name is Oliver, he's a miniature dachshund and he has turned my world upside down- in a good way of course. I will be posting some photos of him probably tomorrow so everyone can see how adorable he is. It's definitely going to be tough having a puppy and moving in the same month. I definitely didn't realize how overwhelming it would be, but for anyone who knows me, I can sometimes be impulsive. It's a blessing and a curse, but YOLO right? ha.

I know things might seem nuts right now, but it will get easier. Oliver is only four months old so he still has to learn a few things and he needs to start feeling more comfortable in a new house. I haven't had a dog in over 5 years so I have a lot of learning to do too. I hope it's an exciting time in my life that teaches me more responsibility and allows me to learn more about myself too.

Wish me luck guys!


  1. Oh, YAY for puppies! Good luck to the both of you; sure it will be fantastic.

    Also, your outfit looks adorably 40'sish with the suspender skirt.

  2. Love that skirt! And yes, your new puppy is SO cute. Can't wait to see more pictures of him!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit, love everything about it!

  4. that hat is so pretty! and i love your jewelry here!



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  5. Good luck! Oliver is such a cutie, too! It'll definitely be a struggle to keep up with a puppy while you're moving - but it's honestly never going to a perfect time for things like this to happen. In that way, your compulsion is probably really beneficial! Makes you stick things out while there rough so you can find a moment of peace through a storm. Any-who, it's nice to read your blog again. I've missed you all! & that necklace... I want! ♥

  6. Cute outfit :) I love the suspender skirt!!

    Have fun with your puppy! (and remember to have patience hehe)

  7. You adopted a puppy? That's amazing! Congratulations on the new addition to your family :) And in addition to having a new fur baby, you are looking amazing - that skirt fits you like a glove, your hat is perfect and those glasses are just too cute for words!

  8. Good luck and congrats on the new dog! That is so exciting! I love your outfit. I've been thinking about wearing suspenders for a while now, and I really like how you styled them. Super cute!

  9. I love the purple hat! Gorgeous

  10. Ah you look adorable! I love suspender skirts, and this hat is amazing!! And that's so exciting about your new pup!!! :)

    xox Sammi

  11. What a cute look! Loving that hat :)



  12. Welcome Oliver!

    Love that pinafore dress, cute and chic! Xx


  13. oh my goodness that hat! love it. You're too cute!


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