Oct 21, 2013

Healthy Living Recipes : Traditional Walnut Coffee Cookies

For as long as I can remember, my Mom always made these cookies. She loves to bake and these cookies are another Cypriot recipe. They are considered the "traditional cookie" and they always have walnuts in them. Perfect for a side to your coffee, and great dippers too.

First, you want to cut your walnuts into the tiniest pieces you can get.
Then you want to mix your sugar, corn oil, and butter in a large mixer. Add your eggs one by one.
Add your walnuts, and then add your flour a little bit at a time, pay attention to how much flour you're putting in, you want it to be soft in mixture. Mix for approximately 8 minutes.

Preheat your oven at 350 degrees.
Once your dough is ready you want to roll it out into 1/2 strips (as seen below).

Cook for 20 minutes.
Once you take them out you want to cut them into thin slices (2nd picture below).
You want to put these back in the oven for 1-2 hours so they become the texture of biscotti. 
(set your oven to warm setting)


  1. Those look so yummy! I am so bookmarking this

  2. these look awesome! almost like biscotti. yum!

  3. Mmmmm! These looks delish! And so does that drink!

  4. These look amazing sis! Can't wait to try out the recipe!

  5. This looks amazing but..... healthy? no. Butter, corn oil, sugar, flour.....bad! but oh so tasty!!!! thanks for sharing!

    1. lol you're right. not the healthiest, but in the cookie world, it's considered a healthier cookie...i mostly just kept the healthy living recipes title because it's the name of the series O:)

  6. yummy!! these looks so good. perfect for fall!



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  7. Wow! This looks fantastic. Pin Pin Pin :)



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