Sep 17, 2013

Little Explorer

Details: Sweater c/o Lulus , Hat c/o Lovely Bird , Boots / Target , Tights / Modcloth , Shorts / Urban

Some outfits just scream fall, and this is one of them. I feel like I should be rummaging through the woods looking for animal tracks. I haven't done a currently post in a while so here goes! Thanks to Danielle for inspiring these posts :)

Reading: Lots and lots of magazines and blogs. As always I find myself gravitating towards anything fashion related , and since NYFW just ended I have been living vicariously through bloggers who attended events and got to see the runway shows.

Watching: A whole lotta food network! My workouts are usually one hour of elyptical which leaves me feeling pretty bored halfway through. I found that if I watch tv half of the time it makes it go by a lot faster, and keeps things interesting. My favorites to watch are Pioneer Woman, Giada At Home, and Diners Drive Ins and Dives.

Anticipating: A Rutgers game this weekend. College football is a pretty big deal around here, and this weekend is the "black out" game where everyone wears all black. They're playing Arkansas and usually it's a pretty great game, so I am excited to tailgate, see some friends and enjoy this gorgeous weather!

Listening to: Local Natives - "Hummingbird" This album is amazing, and I can't stop listening to it. Sometimes I stray away from the music I really love, but I always find my way back. This is a band I will never get sick of listening to, something about them calms me down every time.

Eating: Still on a clean eating kick, but of course doing the little things I can to keep my meals interesting lately. I have been trying different variations of recipes in order to keep it tasty and exciting. It's actually been a great thing for me to do recipes every Monday because it gives me motivation to think of new things and actually make them. Last night I had dinner with two college friends at a Cuban place in Montclair called Cuban Pete's. We had a blast catching up and said goodbye to my friend Sarah who is moving to Australia! I'm so happy for her, but sad that she has to go. Friends like that you know you'll always be connected with though, no matter how far.

Working on: The shop! I'm really excited about buying new vintage. I forgot how much it meant to me until I started thrifting again, and thinking of ideas that I wanted to try out. I am still in the process of cleaning/curating and sorting my inventory but so far I am really happy with what I have. I can't wait to showcase everything, and I am closer to my goal every day. I know I keep saying stay tuned but it will be worth the wait!



  1. looove those tights! so adorable


  2. Really cute outfit! The tights and hat are adorable!

  3. This outfit is really cute! I love the hearts in the tights =)

    Maria x

  4. This outfit is perfectly fall and I love the excitement you have over your shop. I'll be interested to see it running!

  5. So excited to see your shop, girl. It's so nice to hear about your passion.

    P.s. I love Local Natives!

    xo Ashley

  6. Cute tights! I love it.

    - April

  7. oh my gosh them tights though!!! So cute!
    I love all the bits from ModCloth and wanted this gorgeous coat from there but was scared about all the shipping and stuff to get it across the pond, into England and to my home!


    PixiRella xx

  8. Look at those tights! So cute.


  9. aww, you look so adorable, maria :) i love that sweater... and you WILL be in the front rows of those fashion shows someday!! xx

  10. I love that hat and it looks great on you!! And I'm going to try out the tights with shorts look this fall :)

    ❤ Jess

    Jess the Mess

  11. Those tights are the greatest! And yeah, when I work out I watch the Food Network too. You think it'd actually be quite counterproductive. As soon as I finish, I really want to cook something delicious! Hahaha.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  12. I have so many magazine subs, I ♥ 'em all. I like Cosmo, Redbook, etc. but I find loving fashion issues even more. Especially because lifestyle issues often have more BS articles. Some I like, but others just annoy me! With fashion, even if it's not my style, it's inspiring. I just renewed my Marie Claire sub and can't wait. :)

  13. This is gorgeous, I love the hearts on your knees!

  14. Love the heart patches on your tights, the color, of your hat, the sweater... such a cute look for fall :) Seems really cozy too. I wish I could dress like this already but these days I'm lucky if theres enough chill to throw on a cardigan haha.

  15. SO in love with your sweater!

    Xo, Hannah

  16. I'm pretty sure I could watch the Food Network all day long. I understand. I also really love this fall outfit. It really is a perfect outfit for fall! That sweater is amazing!


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