Feb 28, 2012

A Splash Of Color.

Dress- Nordstrom
Tights- F21
Clutch- Hobo International

The beautiful weather always makes me want to wear a dress! It's feeling more like spring every single day and I am not complaining one bit, the only complaint I have is being stuck in doors most of the day, and not enjoying the weather outside...I love splashing color into my wardrobe every once in a while because I have been told I usually don't wear enough! I must admit my comfort zone is usually black, tan and white. The basics are always easy to stand by, but I also must admit that adding color makes me feel a little bit better about a plain outfit. It makes the outfit a little more special, and makes you stand out. Oh! And if you haven't already please check out Manzanita's shop, she is so talented and sweetly named this beautiful rose neck tie after me!  She has great DIY's and a beautiful blog to boot! Happy Tuesday everyone, I'm off to the Immunologist/Allergist (yikes -_- ) wish me luck!


  1. love the combination of paech and navy!! The dress looks great on you!

    x Aliya

  2. ooouuuu you look so pretty! I love how you wore The Maria with out a collar. Thanks for your sweet words! It is starting to get pretty nice here too and I just the urge to go on a dress thrift shopping spree, maybe this weekend :/

  3. What a gorgeous clutch! Yay for spring!

  4. That neck tie is adorable! I love the dress too...it's a really nice shape.

  5. Beautiful. Love the tights and boots.

  6. i love that this outfit is colorful, but not so bright it hurts my eyes. also, GREAT tights!

  7. Love the tights and the shoes!

    A jewelry blog.

  8. Love the clutch with this outfit! It adds just the perfect pop to go with everything else!
    xo Heather

  9. Such a great outfit, love the clutch! And I agree, a pop of colour really spices up a plain outfit!

  10. I've also never really been big on bright colors. Feels a little too "look at me, look at me". But after many years, they are slowly growing on me. Love the rose bow :)
    xo Jac

  11. I love the outfit and I'm the type of person that wears too much color. (Not that it's a bad thing.) But my color template in my closet used to be black, gray, and white throughout my teenage years and early 20's. I guess I grew out of it, because I can't stay away from color anymore. It perks me up, too, I think. :)
    And yesss, don't you just love the weather here?! Thank God this isn't like last winter. That.was.dreadful.
    Oh, and duh, before I forget, I love your outfit with the pink clutch! It's simply lovely.

  12. Great outfit! Loved the dress and the clutch! I really can't wait for spring to come!
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! Hope to see you again soon! :)

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  13. I love your neck tie, it's so cute and fun. I haven't seen anything like it in so long!

  14. I adore your little pink clutch :) Makes your outfit complete <3

  15. You look super adorable! Love the pink clutch. It's a perfect spring accessory.



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