Feb 29, 2012

11 Things- YAY.

I'm sure you guys have seen these surveys floating around the blogosphere lately. Thanks Danielle, for tagging me in this, I love filling out these fun surveys!
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.
11 random things about me!
1.  I originally went to school for teaching, ended up adding Child Life to my major, so that's how I ended up working in a hospital with children. I currently hold a teaching degree as well, so if I wanted to teach, I could!
2. I really love dogs. I had a beagle who passed away from prostate cancer a few years ago, and I can't wait to someday get another dog when I have my own place. I already have a name picked out and everything! I want a dachshund , and his name will be FRANCIS!
3. My family is Greek, and I lived in Cyprus for four years when I was 5 years old. It's one of those places that when I visit, I really feel like I am home. I have dreams of someday vacationing in my Grandmother's village up in the mountains. It is absolutely peaceful, and beautiful there. Some of my fondest memories as a child are from the weekends and summers I spent with my Grandmother in that tiny little village.
4. I have an obsession with olives. When I was younger I could eat a whole jar of them, and it's pretty much stayed the same throughout my adult life. I love them plain, in sandwiches, in olive loaf, here, there anywhere. I am an olive fiend.
5. My three nephews are probably my favorite people in the whole world. I could be having a horrible day, and seeing them makes everything better. They are full of life, and they are so incredibly smart and sweet. Being an aunt is extremely fulfilling, and I can't even explain how much I love them. It's as if they were my own kids, I would do anything for them, and I can't wait to see them grow.
6. Alex and I have a lot of nicknames for each other but the main thing we call each other is LIDDO. I am sure you guys have seen me write it everywhere, I even have a ring that says it. It's basically a funny way of saying "little" and we think it's hysterical.
7. My nickname from my family is Mars. They still all call me that, including all of my cousins.
8. My family owns a restaurant and bar, that is a huge part of my life. Through the years we have been very lucky to have some of the best people working for us. I have the best friends, and biggest extended family that anyone could ask for. We all get together whenever we can, and usually it's a huge party. We have seen one another through good times, and hard times and no matter how long it's been since I've seen them, when we get together it's as if time stood still.
9. I stand at a whopping 4 foot 9 inches tall. I am the shortest person in my family (besides the babies). Most people would think that this bothers me, but I have come to accept it over the years and I actually really enjoy being small. I think it suits me very well!
10. When I am having a bad day, the first thing I want to do when I get home is to clean. I think cleaning helps clear the mind. It always makes me feel better and then my bad day simply goes away because I stop thinking about it.
11. A lot of people ask me if I am Asian. I get this question at least once a month.  
Questions from Danielle:  
1. if you could have any superhuman strength, what would it be?
I would love to be able to read people's minds. I think it would be a good way to see what people are REALLY thinking!
2. what do you consider your greatest talent?
I think my greatest talent would have to be my ability to retain information. I guess that's not really a talent, but I really can remember anything from the past 5 years pretty well. I can also remember every word to most songs I hear, even if it's only one time. I always tell people not to question me because out of everyone I have the best memory!
3. if you could live anywhere else in the world for one year, where would it be and why?
I would love to live in Greece for a year. I love the weather, and the people, and of course THE FOOD. I feel a connection to my culture when I visit so I think I would love to just be able to be around it.
4. if you could make up a color, what would it look like and what would you call it?
I would make up a color that has all my favorite colors combined and call it TEENY GREENY!
5. what's the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?
Recently my family & Alex threw me a surprise birthday party for my 25th birthday. I thought that was pretty sweet because I've never had a surprise like that before.
6. what is one quirk about you that other people don't understand?
I am very particular with certain things, so if plans or something goes off course I usually have a hard time dealing with it. Once I get over that, I am fine but the initial change makes me mad, and cranky. I like planning(sometimes!)
7. if you could do one thing that would be felt worldwide, what would it be?
I would love to help people in any way that I could. I often dream about going overseas and helping out places in need. I think that helping people is extremely important and one day I plan on doing more of that.
8. alive or deceased, what one person would you like to have as a best friend?
I would love to hangout with Shirley Temple. I grew up listening and watching her in awe. Her talent has always inspired me. I would love to have one song and dance with her!
9. what's the most delicious thing you cook?
Lately I have been making cookies a lot. I never really baked, but apparently they are delicious! I've already made them a few times because everyone loves them so much.
10. in your life, who has been your biggest cheerleader?
Alex has definitely been a huge "cheerleader" for anything that I do. He inspires me every day to try my best, and keep on moving forward. I definitely owe so much of my blog's success to him, because he always told me I could do anything. He is a huge motivator for me, and always tells me how proud he is of me. This means more than anything in the world ever could.
11. what scares you?
DROWNING.  I don't know how to swim so this is definitely one of my biggest fears!
The 11 questions I'm asking my friends:
 -How do you keep yourself motivated?
-Who is your biggest support?
-Did you have a favorite book growing up?
-What is your fondest memory?
-What is a must-do in your daily life?
-Who is your best friend and why?
-Where do you want to be in 5 years?
-What is your favorite food?
-What is your profession?
-What is one thing you can't live without?
-Best thing you've ever eaten was:
I am tagging: amy // cal // carmen // sandy // lauren // lauren p

ALSO! I am guest posting over at Just lovely things about truly loving what you do! Check it out!


  1. Lovely post Maria!
    I have an obsession with olives as well.I just cant live without them :)
    And I'm keen on cleaning when things are not well.

  2. 4'9" is so tiny! It's funny because when you would never guess form your outfit pics. I always think bloggers are tall for some reason....I don't know why!

  3. I feel like we are very alike! I love that picture of you, it's so cute and fun- I think it definitely conveys your personality quite well.

    I really love olives, too. I feel like I'm the only one. Everyone I know looks at me in disgust when I eat them. My mom used to work in the restaurant business when I was growing up, and I frequently sat at the bar caddy eating all the olives and cherries I could dream of. I do hate cherries now, but never stopped loving olives!

    Cleaning is also a thing I subconsciously do when I'm upset. If I had a bad day at work I always find myself immediately tidying up the house when I get home.

    Love your blog :)

    xx Olivia

  4. I concur with everyone, olives are the absolute best. I always have some at the ready in my fridge...

    I have a beagle mix and a weenie dog! The latter lives with my grandmother right now because she is lonely. They are the BEST dogs.

  5. I love that picture of you!!! You are so beautiful and radiant. I really enjoyed reading about you and your sweet family. That is so neat that your family owns a restaurant. Oh, and I am a TOTAL olive fiend as well. :)


  6. I am an olive fiend as well and could eat them all day and all night--and we haven't got any in the house because we ate them all and now I really need an olive!

  7. Olive fiend here! Ever since I was a little girl, my family has always brought an extra jar of olives to holidays because I always eat at least one all by myself! Best little foods ever!

  8. Love these posts, but I keep putting off doing this! Maybe tomorrow... Hmmmm
    xo Heather

  9. Nice to know those interesting things about you...
    That's fun.

  10. could you be any more adorable? i think... not.
    tiana of l'esthetique

  11. greece, how amazing! i had a penpal from there from sixth grade until were were in college. and my daughter marrin's nickname is mars. : )

  12. Cleaning is very zen for me, too. I'm also fairly particular about things and get cranky when things don't go as planned. I usually get over it. But sometimes not.

  13. loved reading this. and that pic of you... so cute ;) glass full of vino... my kinda gal!

  14. dogs: good
    olives: puke
    if i could pick and sort of power it would also be the ability to mind read! i'm always so curious about what people are really thinking but won't tell you!
    also, i feel the same way about being small. people also seem to think i don't like it, or it bothers me, and sure it would be easier to find pants if i were a few inches taller, but i've been small for almost 30 years, so it something i've gotten used to!
    i loved reading your answers!

  15. I love this! I had no idea you were only 4'9"...glad to meet another member of the super short club! I'm above 5'1", but barely. :)

  16. My family are also from Cyprus! Well, my dad's half, my mum's half are English. I confess I hate olives, though. But I can make up for it with my adulation for macaronia de fourno.

    I'm going to have Boston terrier called Vincent.

    I hear you on the cleaning - nothing conquers stress quite like scrubbing a bathroom! Except cleaning an oven: that actually makes me even more stressed, to the point of homicidal.


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