Feb 27, 2012

Weekend Updates.

 Enjoying our days off together! Finally!

I love Saturday mornings because that means homemade smoothies!

I had the best weekend in a while. Since Alex and I both work a lot (and far apart) our weekends mean so much to me. Sometimes Alex works weekends so I really value the weekends where we have no plans. I love spending time with him and our families & friends whenever we can fit it in. This weekend was all about relaxing and doing nothing! I loved every second of it! Did you guys do anything good this weekend? The weather in NJ has been pretty perfect, warm & sunny, it feels like springtime! I seriously cannot believe February is coming to an end this week! I am excited for March though, and so excited to go to Austin for Texas Style Council

Things at work are going well, I am finishing my last week up in the Pediatric ER, and next week I finally move to inpatient! It's crazy that a whole year has gone by since I first started this position, I really feel like I have come a long way.  Nothing else is really new around here, I am still waiting to hear back from FIT and by waiting I mean thinking about it constantly! It would be a dream come true! I promise to keep you posted every step of the way, I know a lot of you have been asking what the status is, and I wish I KNEW! Send good thoughts my way and I will keep you guys abreast of the situation! (haha I have always wanted to say that!)


  1. can't wait to hear updates as you wait! but totally loving your weekend update. i want me some homemade smoothies!

  2. you are ridiculously pretty!! :P

  3. You are so adorable and I love your glasses. Sounds like a fun weekend.


  4. These photos are adorable - it looks like you guys had an absolute blast..!



  5. So cute! Good luck with all your future plans, looks like things are moving in the right direction!



  6. Sending you lots of positive thoughts!

    Glad you had a great weekend--I love the photos of the pair of you in your glasses. I love taking photos of me and the husband messing around--although on most of them we look really weird!

  7. looks like your peewees got highjacked! y'all are cute!!


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