Feb 8, 2016

Rutgers Walks

Living so close to Rutgers University has always been one of my favorite things about my hometown. The campus is really beautiful, and perfect for a nice walk on a warmer day. Since my family's business is on Rutgers campus, it's always held a special place in my heart. On a warmer Sunday recently Ryan and I took a nice stroll to sip our coffee and just spend some time together. 

Being able to walk around without a coat when snow is on the ground is truly a miracle- but this crazy weather has provided us with some ups and downs recently, so I'm not complaining, My new go to as far as style, is focusing on a lot of neutral colors, but also trying patterns that I wouldn't normally try. 

I always try to step outside my comfort zone when it comes to clothes. Sometimes you don't really know what you can pull off until you throw it on, and own it. Bodysuits are one of my favorite items recently. I love how flattering they are, but also how versatile. I love pairing this bodysuit with a skirt, and pants too! 

My favorite bodysuits are usually backless, but since that's more of a "going out" outfit, I found this one to be more appropriate for an every day look, while also being able to dress it up if needed. I finally have weekends off again which is quite exciting and fun to look forward to. My busiest months usually range from September-Febraury, so now my time will mainly be focused around wedding planning and finalizing all of our details. I hope you guys are having a great winter thus far, and I hope you're staying warm! xox

Details: Lace Up Body Suit sold out- (similar)(similar

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  1. OMG love everything about this look!
    You must have been freezing though! (:
    The pants are everything! Fashion on point, girl! ♥

    Take care,
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


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