Sep 22, 2015

Sweet Collegiate

I love outfits that make me feel confident and comfortable at the same time. It's hard finding heels that are perfect for the whole day but even harder to find clothes that fit the way that they should. Being shorter, petite and curvy can sometimes make for a very frustrating shopping experience. On the days when I find things that fit just right- I am on cloud 9.

This sweater comes in petite, which is great because the sleeve length is just right. I also solve my jean length problem by cuffing them, or tucking them under. It's a simple and easy solution that allows me to have more options while picking items I want in my closet. I also find that making a knot in some of my oversized tees allows me to still maintain the comfortable look, while not drowning in the shirt. I think no matter what the body type, we all have issues in our own ways. It's important to find things that make you feel confident, and fit your body perfectly. Take it from me- eventually you'll figure that out, and it's the best feeling in the whole world!

Details: J Brand Photo Ready Jeans // BP Ankle Pumps (sold out- but here's a similar pair
 BP Tote // V Neck Soft Tee // Collegiate Sweater // Rings are vintage 


  1. love the shoes - so chic! i think i like the similar pair's two tone even better!

  2. You look SO gorgeous, Maria!! Absolutely love this look on you, and cardigans for the win. Always!! xo

  3. Love this outfit! I'm short too and I always have to cuff my jeans, I know what you mean!



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