Aug 27, 2015

Casual Thursdays

The Fall season is upon us, and in blogger land that means, new outfits, and new trends! I am really digging the casual, loose fitting tees and boyfriend shorts/jeans this Fall. Comfort is key, but being able to wear different piece in different ways is definitely important to me. I always think about how many different outfits I can make from tops, bottoms and shoes alike.

I got this awesome vegan leather tote to carry my computer & camera around on the go. It's super cute, and reversible too! The inside is a powder blue, and it also comes with a clip in clutch! It's perfect for the days when I can't fit what I need into my purse, and don't want to carry a thousand bags with me. I start my new job next week , and I couldn't be more excited. It's definitely a week of change and transition, but I am so ready for it to be here! Hope you guys are having a great week. Xoxo


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