Jul 2, 2015

Exploring Big Sur

Hey guys! Finally made it to Monterey, and it's so beautiful here I don't think we're ever going to leave! Although the weather isn't as sunny as I would like, the sights are beautiful enough that you pretty much forget the chilliness. Yesterday we explored Big Sur, and did the 17 mile drive. I'll be sharing more photos next week once I return from my trip, but wanted to update as much as I could. This outfit kept me comfortable all day- without the sweater it would have been a little cold- but adding it was just right.

We pretty much drove all day exploring and looking at everything. We got to see the Bixby bridge, a little bit of Carmel, and we took the 17 mile drive (which is pretty much a drive through a neighborhood of million dollar estates).

Today we're adventuring through Carmel, and possibly some other spots along the way. Tomorrow Ryan starts his race so we will probably spend most of our morning at the track. If you guys have any tips on things to do/places to see (or even food recommendations!) please share, we're open to anything and everything! 

Hope you guys are having a great week! Can't wait to share the rest of my photos of the trip! xoxo


  1. Love the high top sandals and the pretty dress! Such a great outfit to go exploring.

  2. Love the print of your romper.




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