Apr 7, 2015

Friendships & Mandalas

Spending time with your bestie and your dog is necessary to enjoy life. So many of my good friends live far away so any time spent with them is extremely valuable. One of my best friends from college came to visit me yesterday and we had such a great day together. I think as you get older you learn to appreciate relationships more because of the time and things that you have been through. 

We get older, we realize that life is changing yet we still make an effort to keep people in our lives. A lot of relationships fall by the wayside when things get tough, people move or life just starts getting hectic. It's always interesting to see what relationships follow you all the way to adulthood. I never thought I would lose touch with a lot of the people I have now lost touch with. This isn't even in a bad way, but more in a natural-progression-of life kind of way. 

Danielle was nice enough to take these photos for me, and if you caught our little bickering on snapchat (user name: littletreemaria ) you'd see that our relationship is pretty funny and lighthearted. I spent most of the day laughing and being ridiculous with her, and it was pretty awesome. I thought a lot about friendships yesterday as she left. It's amazing how much impact our friends have on our lives. I always instantly feel better after a day/night with my good girlfriends. Friendships become so much more as we age. They become almost like family. Someone to lean on is always a huge help when things get rough, but not just for the bad times, but to enjoy the good times too. 

This skirt's pattern is called "The Mandala print" which is interesting because mandalas are meant to bring peace and spiritual awakening. Friends are like our personal therapists aren't they? After venting to friends about things going on you instantly feel your heart lighten up a bit, and lose heaviness. Yesterday was exactly the day I needed after the stressful few weeks that were before me.

I didn't plan on this post being all about friendships, but then again I don't plan on most things I end up writing on this blog. So where am I getting at with this? Nurture your friendships, hold them close to your heart and let them grow over time. If the natural progression of life leads you astray from some, then so be it, but keep the ones you need close, and be there for them. As you get older life naturally gets harder, but it can be a whole lot happier with good people in it. 

Details: Printed skirt via F21 , Jessica Simpson Booties c/o DSW , BDG V Neck via UO , Michael Kors watch , Rings & Necklace are Vintage , Bracelet via AE

Photos by Dani Girl aka my main squeeze 


  1. You look so cute in this outfit! I do agree - spending time with my friends is always therapeutic. As a matter of fact I need to do that more :)


  2. your hair is gorgeous!

    xx nikki


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