Mar 24, 2015

Packing For TXSC -- My Essentials

Packing is probably my least favorite activity. I'm sure you can all agree with me when I say it's pretty awful.  What's worse than actually packing you ask? UNPACKING! I planned to post this before I left for TXSC this past weekend but with the anxiety of flying coupled with my lack of time I didn't get a chance to. Here are some of my favorite things that I packed on my trip. Above you'll see a photo of all the goodies I acquired over the weekend, and some of the fun pins we got for attending different sessions throughout the camp. Also want to give a huge thank you to Marshalls for helping me pack the perfect items for my trip!

I tend to be one of those people who puts everything into little bags. Even if it doesn't need a bag, I find a way to put things into organized bunches. I found the leopard ticket & ID holder at Marshalls and it was perfect for me to keep myself organized while going through security and the checkpoints at the airport. These cute matching KC bags (also from Marshalls) carried my makeup and all of my toiletries. I try to pack as light as possible, but that usually goes awry.

Picking a smaller piece of luggage usually forces me to pack lightly. I definitely wasn't prepared for all of the rain that was happening in Texas, but my rain boots & umbrella were truly the best items I packed this year! Although I switched outfits as much as I could, my hats and light jackets because my best friends because A. Sweaty/Rainy Camp Hair ain't cute, and B. It was chilly!

It's also not a true camping experience without my Minnetonkas.  I wore these pretty much the whole trip! My only regret is not bringing enough warmer attire for Sunday. Sunday was so beautiful and warm, and of course that was my last full day in Texas! I have a lot more to talk about in the upcoming week, but I am going to leave you with this packing post for now! I had such a blast at camp, learned a lot about myself and where I want to take my blog in the next year. I am excited for the motivation it gave me, and I truly feel recharged to take my blog in a new direction!

This post is sponsored by Marshalls & Project Fab


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