Jan 28, 2015

Pleet Petite & The Trouble With Finding Pants

All my short ladies out there, you'll understand this dilemma. Buying pants is a serious issue for short women. Not only do we have trouble finding pants that fit in length, but if you're curvier (booty) like me you'll understand even more how troublesome it is. I find pants that fit in my waist, and then not in my hips, or I will find a pair that's too long, but fits perfectly. I can't win! I got these pants at old navy, not realizing I accidentally picked out the regular size instead of petite. I was wondering why they were so long on me (mind you- they are ANKLE CUT) and then it dawned on me that I got the wrong size. Regardless these pants are super comfortable and great for work purposes. 

Since I bought two pairs I will be returning the ones I haven't worn yet, and getting them in a tinier size for my short legs. My Mom and I always joke around that one day we're going to open a store just for people who are shorter in stature. She thinks we would make a killing, and we probably would since clothes are rarely appropriate for women and their different shapes and sizes. Men must have it so easy when they're buying pants (insert angry emoji here).

Despite being tall or short, we all have our own issues to deal with. I think what initially sparked this post was how frustrated I get sometimes shopping for clothes, but also thinking about how unhappy most women are with their bodies. It doesn't matter the shape or size, almost every woman I know has things she wishes she could change about herself. Just remember that when you're hard on yourself ladies. No one is perfect, and no one has the perfect body type. We're all fighting a similar battle here and everyone struggles in their own way. I try to remember that when I am having one of those days where I feel like everything looks terrible on me.

Learning to truly love yourself is always a work in progress, but once you accept yourself and flaws, you'll be a happier person overall.

Details:  Pants via Old Navy (10% off sale in stores!) // Booties (similar)(similar) Lulus c/o // Sweater via UO (similar) (love this one too!) Black Stone Onyx Ring & Teardrop via UO (snake ring & other are vintage) Hat (similar-in rust) (similar in dark scarlet) via Marshalls


  1. love your rings!

    xx nikki

  2. I definitely feel your pain with the pants length. They're almost always too long. I find the ankle length pants can fit nicely as regular pants too. At least straight leg pants can be hemmed. My real problem is flares are going to come back and those absolutely must be made for a shorter leg and not just hemmed otherwise you lose most of the flare. Plus the flare just doesn't start at the right place! Sad times.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  3. Lovely lovelyyy rings! And You look too cute in that outfit! ^_^ the color palette is as a favorite of Mine!

    The Chronic Dreamer


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