Jan 2, 2015


Without further adieu, here are my favorite posts of 2014 in no particular order!

 Part 1 // Part 2 Galentine's Day With Lauren & Lulus

Watch full video here: Marvelous Oils

Sometimes day to day I feel like I get nothing accomplished (blog wise) and then I look back through my archives to create a post recapping my year and I remember why I do this. I love having this diary to look back on throughout the past 4 years+ and it gives me motivation to keep going. When things get frustrating or I want to quit, I just remember how far I have come, and how much this online community means to me. I love writing and sharing a piece of my life that is extremely public. It has brought me so many places, and has bridged so many connections, so for that I am forever grateful. Here's to another year of happiness, outfits and recipes! I love you all so much, and thank you so much for reading, and supporting everything I do.

Here's to 2015 everyone!


  1. great choices and congratulations on your commercials. I hope 2015 bring you lots of more opportunities.

  2. love this recap!

    xx nikki


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