Nov 24, 2014

A Letter To My Beautiful Head Of Hair

We all have a love/hate relationship with our hair, here's my story..

Dear Hair,
It's been a long road, with you and I. We've had some great times, and some awful times. Most of the times I would like to remember, but there are some I don't mind forgetting. As I sit here and reminisce about our relationship, I want to remind you that I will never go back to 16-year old Maria ever again. I'll never bleach you, or get highlights that are orange-red. I will never dye you a black-maroon color ever again because my punk rock emo days are over. I also will never be cutting straight across bangs again, because we both know it just didn't work for either of us.

I know you've been feeling quite flat lately and I have the perfect solution for us! L'Oreal Advanced Haircare is going to be a huge life changer for both of us.  I know we normally don't like trying new things, but this is different! Their volume filler line makes hair feel fuller instantly. We always wanted something this great to come into our lives, and it's finally here. Their thickening shampoo & conditioner have become my new favorites, and I know you feel the difference too. You feel voluminous and beautiful, and better than ever. I also love their filler fiber amplifying concentrate.  This way, the volume will never leave, and we can feel glamorous together, forever!

I've cut you short, and I have kept you long. The great thing is, the good days are finally here to stay. We've been better then we've ever been before, and I know it's only going to get better between us. 


"We ladies know that not all locks are created equal, and so does L’OrĂ©al Paris. With the Advanced Haircare line, Glam girls have the power to pick their shampoo, conditioner and treatment based on their specific strand needs, taking their tresses to luxurious levels. Beautiful hair has never been more personal.”

Compensation was provided by L’Oreal’s Advanced Hair Care via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of L’Oreal.


  1. Hi Maria,

    I love your letter. It's beautiful and makes the hair beautiful of you and us women. Thank you for sharing your beautiful letter.



  2. your hair is gorgeous!

    xx nikki


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