Sep 3, 2014

Summer Days, Driftin' Away

Labor Day came and went, summer is now pretty much over (besides the nasty humidity) and it's time to start prepping for Fall! For most humans this is dreadful and depressing because they love the summer, however weirdos like me enjoy the cold weather, so we are delighted when September rolls around because that means FALL & WINTER ARE COMING! HOORAYYY. I am finally back into the groove of being home from vacation (because after vacation you need a vacation from vacation) and I am starting to list my goals for the upcoming year.

I am pretty excited to announce that I have a lot of things planned for myself and this little blog. I am currently in the process of creating a you-tube channel, and my store will be stocked up with new merchandise in the next few weeks. I am constantly trying to reinvent my ideas and I want to stay motivated to create content that I love, and that is inspiring to me. I love this little blog more than I ever could have imagined and I want to continue inspiring others, and continuing to motivate myself to be the best me.

Fall for me marks new beginnings and a new set of goals. The best way to accomplish goals to keep yourself accountable and get advice from those who are knowledgeable in what you're trying to do. It's a new month, and a new reason to kick some serious butt. Now get out there, and make things happen!

Ps. I got my makeup done at sephora yesterday and wanted to share my smoky eye. I really love what the artist did with the colors she chose from this Stila Fall palette. I'm not one to wear a ton of makeup but sometimes experimenting can be fun! Plus, trying out new products is fun in itself, I could spend hours in that store!

Details: Hat & Top (similar) // Urban Outfitters 
Sandals(similar) (similar)  & Skirt (similar) // Courtesy of Lulus
 Necklace // Banana Republic , Eyeshadow Palette "Eyes are the window" // Stila

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  1. I am absolutely looking forward to fall, but not to winter...I don't like the grey and cold for that long eep!


  2. It's funny because I feel like I'm the weirdo for not being excited about fall! I feel like I'm the only blogger alive who prefers summer. Ha! You look beautiful sis. Miss you!

  3. that crop top is so cute!


  4. I love your hat.
    I can never find any like that anywhere :[

  5. Hey Maria! I love that top! Also, I am totally in the same boat. Making my yearly goals and working to achieve them. Good luck to you in all your endeavors!


  6. Love that smokey eye on you. I love trying smokey eyeshadow looks with different colors and this look is so great for fall. I'm like you and am happy for summer to be over. Though it's not really over in Georgia until November. Sad times.

    Jamie |


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