Aug 27, 2014

Textured Curls with Garnier Fructis

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! I am super excited to share a hairstyle with you today using Texture Tease by Garnier Fructis! Since I usually get asked about my curls, I want to share with you guys one of my favorite ways to wear them. The great thing about loose, wavy curls is that you can dress them up, or down depending on where you're going. It's not overly dressy, but it's also not extremely casual so it leaves you right in between.

What I do first is make sure my hair is nice and clean. I usually wash my hair the night before and then sleep on it. Once I wake up in the morning it's usually crazy and wild(lots of volume) which is what I love! If your hair is harder to manage this way, then just wash it and blow dry it as you normally would. You want to start with your natural hair, a little bit of wave is fine too! You should work with your hair, and no one knows it better than you!

Next, section off the hair into half up, half down. This helps maintain each curl separately and you can drop section by section as you curl. I wrap my hair around this 1 inch curling iron, and that works best for me. Regular curls don't hold in my hair, so I love that I get this wavy, all natural look with wrapping.

As soon as you curl a section, spray the bottom with the texture tease, and scrunch your hair with your fingers to give it that extra texture in between curls. 

Once you get to the top section of hair, take the texture tease and spray it into your roots. (This will be in between your top and bottom section. Since texture tease is backcomb in a bottle you can use your fingers to tease the product into your hair.

Once the product has successfully has been teased into your hair, you can continue curling the remaining hair from the top section.

Finish it off with a little Sleek & Shine Anti Humidity Hairspray and some texture tease underneath the hair for that perfect look! To add that extra touch, I added a flower crown to go with my textured waves!

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 Learn it, Do it, Rock it with Garnier Fructis Style.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Garnier Fructis via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Garnier Fructis.


  1. gorgeous hair! and i love that flower crown!

  2. Really pretty! Makes me wish I had long hair again. My hair is wispy thin though. No amount of teasing is going to pump up the volume for very long.


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