Jul 10, 2014

Simple Ways to De-Stress

Hey guys, today I am teaming up with MIYU Beauty to talk to you about ways that I de-stress in my personal life. MIYU sent me a sample of their products now sold in Anthropologie stores nationwide and I couldn't wait to use them.  I was sent the de-stress tea and the beauty essence. I am obviously a huge fan of tea, especially right before bedtime so this was perfect for me. The tea has peppermint infused into it so it's perfect for relaxing and soothing the tension you have from your day. This is especially important for me because I suffer from TMJ and unfortunately most of that is stress related. 

The spray was very new to me, and wasn't sure how to use it. It's also formulated with peppermint, dandelion, ginger, licorice and honeysuckle to calm the skin when used. I am a high stress person, and unfortunately my job is as well so I carried this essence with me for a day at work, and I can actually say that reminding myself to take a moment and relax, made a huge difference.

I wrote down some ways that I de-stress, is there anything you guys do that helps you relax? If so , please share in the comment section, would love to hear it.

I do all of these things weekly in order to keep myself in check. I tend to give into stress way too often so for me , a little bit goes a long way. It's crazy how much stress we carry around daily without even realizing it.  I try to remind myself to do things that make me feel relaxed throughout the day so I can be more calm once I get home, and usually that helps me so much.

Drinking tea, talking with family members or friends, and even listening to music are great ways to disconnect from your stress. I also really love walking Oliver (when it's not a thousand degrees out of course ) and as you all know, exercise has been a huge part of my daily routine for about a year now. What is important is finding something that works for you, and remembering to breathe. Life is too short for stress, and sometimes we just need to do things for ourselves.

I received samples of MIYU products prior to writing this post . All opinions expressed are my own. 


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