Apr 25, 2014

Spring Into Shape With Quest Nutrition!

For those of you who have been following my fitness journey, I am more than sure you have heard me mention Quest bars. Let me start off by saying that I normally dislike any kind of protein or health bars that I have tried in the past. I was pretty hesitant when trying out these quest bars, and honestly didn't think that I would like them one bit. To my surprise, they not only taste good, but they're also a really great way to tackle a sweet tooth craving. 

In return for my review I received a few different types of Quest products including their guilt free pasta and peanut butter cups. I also received all of the bars you see below which gave me a chance to try out different flavors and really figure out what I like. I've gotten a lot of questions regarding these bars and how they taste, and if they're beneficial and I did some research on them, in order to really share the best knowledge possible.

First and foremost, I really love the flavor. I know the consistency for some people is hard to get over, but once I had them a few times throughout my week I was used to the flavor. They contain 21 grams of protein (which is amazing) and around 17 grams of fiber in each bar. They are also gluten and sugar free only containing about 3 grams of carbs in each bar. 

My favorite flavors so far are the chocolate chip cookie dough and the cookies and cream. I don't really like a lot of the fancier flavors because they're a little too sweet for me, so I have been sticking to those two and they are by far my favorite so far. The only downside I could see from these bars is that your mouth gets a little dry after eating one. That's not a problem if you're drinking lots of water like you should be though! :)

I have not tried the pasta or the peanut butter cups yet, so I will save those for another post, but I am pretty excited to try out some of the recipes that came with my bars and get creative with dessert! Have you guys tried quest bars? And if so, what did you think? My favorite time to eat them is when I am having a sugar craving or after the gym! It's the perfect boost of protein and fiber, all while tasting good and cutting the sugar. 

Stay tuned for some more quest recipes, and happy weekend! xo

I was sent samples of Quest Nutrition products prior to writing this post.  
The thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting companies that support Little Tree.


  1. i've been dying to try the cookies and cream bars!



  2. I've never had one but now I am going out and getting one to satisfy my never ending sweet tooth! <3

    You look lovely as ever, Maria!


  3. Ugh, I love Quest bars. They are so hard to come by in Australia, I normally have to do a special order. I never knew about their pasta and pb cups! yummmm. We have only had access to the banana nut and strawberry ones, I would not mind a taste of those chic chip ones at all :)

  4. Never heard of these before your post, but I dislike a lot of protein bars but I NEED something like this to eat on the go and as a snack instead of a bag of chips or snickers..I just can't help myself. Will have to try these!


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