Apr 24, 2014

Flower Child

There are certain streets in my neighborhood that I fall in love with when Spring arrives. It never gets old to walk around and take photos of flowers and trees blossoming with color. This season I am in love with patterned florals and grungy looking 90's revival dresses. Can't really go wrong throwing this on with a tiny sweater for a little bit of warmth when the breeze rolls in.

The winter left a harsh taste in my mouth this year. It made me feel cooped up and it's really hard to be inspired by clothing when you have to layer it on like you're in Antarctica. Even though the warm days have been coming and going , the fact that the sun is out is enough reason for me to feel happier and more energized. My place is a huge priority right now. Trying to find things to hang up, and making it feel ready for Spring. I also am looking into patio furniture so I can start hosting some bbq's and summer dinner parties out back. 

I've always loved having people over, so it's awesome that I have my own space to do that now. I love browsing pinterest for hours looking at outdoor lighting and decorating ideas. There's so much that still needs to get done, but I know slowly it will. Everyone I have talked to who owns or rents a home says that "you're never really finished" and that everything is always ongoing and changing. I already changed the furniture around a good amount of times, and now I'm in the process of buying some shelving units and bookcases for my dining area. Once the summer hits I can't wait to go antiquing and I can't wait to visit the local flea markets in the area.

Details : Dress // Sandals // Necklace (old) // Courtesy of Lulus 
Sweater & Belt // Urban Outfitters , Head piece // AE


  1. Love love love these photos! Your outfit is so beautiful and those trees scream spring! <3

    You're so lovely Maria XO


  2. Loooooove these! The print of that dress is too good.

    at this volume

  3. Hi Maria,

    I love this beautiful and lovely post. And I love your dress!


  4. I love your pretty dress! I also hate the restriction of winter clothing and feel uninspired so as soon as the weather gets nicer I have so much more fun with my clothes. xxx

  5. that dress is gorgeous!! love this look!



  6. Loving the daisy print! So pretty. Have a great weekend, Maria! xo



  7. I absolutely can't wait until I have my own outdoor space to entertain. Probably would need to get a couple more friends to entertain by then, but that's doable.
    You look gorgeous here. I've been loving the 90s florals and grunge-feel going on lately too. So much nostalgia. Your dress is super cute and I love that orange-y cardigan paired with it.


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