Mar 17, 2014

Dress Up Saint Patrick's Day With Lulus Part II

So of course has to be the coldest day in a long time! Ugh. I miss being able to go outside without a coat on and go about my day. The summer is so close I can almost taste it so for now, that's keeping me motivated. I posted my other Saint Patrick's Day look on Friday, and as you can see, these outfits are polar opposites. That's what I love about holidays. Dress it up, or dress it down, it's really all about personal preference. I like to pick and choose my outfits depending on the event I am attending. A dressier look is always great, and more low key outfit it suitable for hanging out with friends, or just staying low key. 

Either way, I love both of these outfits for different reasons. It might be because I don't wear green enough, and I feel like it's a really pretty color, that I need to incorporate more often. I am trying to shy away from all the darks and focus on some color for the upcoming summer months. 

Anyway ya'll! I'm off to stuff my little face with corned beef! Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Make sure you check out Lulus for some pretty green thangs!

Details : Dress & Heels (on sale!) // Courtesy of Lulus


  1. A very sophisticated looking dress.

  2. those shoes are awesome!!


  3. What a fun shade of green! Killer shoes too. Lovely post, as always :)



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