Feb 17, 2014

Why You Should LOVE, love.

Even the cold days sometimes need to be dressed up. This snow has been keeping us cooped up for way too long. Every time we think we're getting a break, we see the news and apparently more is coming. I hate to even keep talking about it, but it's gotten in the way lately, especially when outfit posts are concerned! 

I am a little upset with myself for not posting a Valentine's Day post like last year but honestly I haven't really been in the writing mood lately. Sometimes it just comes to me, and other times I feel like I can't get what I am thinking into words. I actually started writing a post, but never finished it so it stays in my drafts at the moment. 

I gave a lot of thought to the  day itself, and how it makes me feel. I am still not a HUGE fan on teddy bears, and all the fluff that comes along with the day, but I do think it actually holds a special meaning, and that's what's most important.

I think if you look beyond the red hearts and huge stuffed bears there's an idea behind the day that is what makes me appreciate it. I love seeing strangers walk through the streets holding flowers, feeling happy, and exuding a sweet attitude towards everyone in site. People have a special pep in their step on Valentine's Day. Even if you're single, there's a huge chance that a friend or family member will do something sweet that will brighten your day. The odds are definitely in your favor on this day, and that mere thought of extra sweetness in the air, is what makes me like Valentine's Day.

I absolutely love the thought of people being kind to each other. If I have learned anything in my 27 years on this planet, I have learned that nothing comes close to the love that human beings share. A friend of mine made me this necklace a while ago, and I never understood the meaning fully, until I researched it a little bit. 

It has a religious reference that mainly talks about forgiveness, and moving forward. I think it stands for something universal and beautiful, and it really goes with the theme of this post today. So even though I am a little late, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Details : Crop Sweater , Purse, Skirt // Courtesy of Lulus , Socks // Urban Outfitters
Necklace // Gift from Amber , Over The Knee Fringe Boots // Courtesy of Minnetonka


  1. Absolutely love the splash of color your tights add to your outfit.

    As for Valentine's Day, I had something planned for posting as well, but it ended up just sitting unfinished in my drafts. I find it best to write when your heart is into it. ;)

  2. that skirt is so cute!



  3. I love the socks! Goes so well with the boots. :)

  4. I've always liked the idea behind Valentine's too.

  5. The cropped sweater is so cute! I love your hair in this picture

  6. Love everything about this! Those boots are so cool and I love the hem of your skirt :D
    This Valentine's Day was probably my favorite ever, I actually went out and did something with a friend instead of just staying home

  7. I completely agree with you about the reasons for loving valentine's day! that's why I love it to, but you put it so well!
    also, I love your necklace! such a great reminder.

  8. I love the sentiment behind this post. I was smiling my face off looking at all the cute couples out and about on Valentine's Day. I love this outfit, too, by the way, and your hair looks amazing!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  9. I feel the same way! Both about Valentine's Day and writing. I've been struggling with posts lately, but I blame it on this dang weather! It's been keeping me down. haha. I'm definitely looking forward to some warmer days ahead.



  10. Your hairstyle looks fierce, I love it!


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