Feb 13, 2014

Three Pepper Veggie Salad

After seeing this kind of pepper salad I knew I wanted to try my own spin on it, and this is what I came up with. It's really fun being able to make bowls out of the peppers, so you should definitely give it a shot. It's a really simple, and fun idea, that can also be good for kids! It looks fun and being able to eat the bowl, is the best part. Here's my version of the three pepper veggie salad.

First you want to cut sides off of your peppers enough to make a bowl out of the remaining pepper. I cut up all of the orange pepper, and used the red and green peppers as the salad bowls. I mixed together, cooked corn, cooked brussell sprouts, raw spinach and pepper pieces to fill my peppers up. Before you do anything , you need to roast the brussell sprouts prior to making this dish. I cooked mine with salt, pepper and olive oil for about 20 minutes before hand, and I also boiled the corn beforehand as well.

I put all of my ingredients into the bowl, put them into a small pyrex, and baked at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Once the pepper bowls become soft, it's about time to take them out. I topped the bowls with chopped cilantro for flavor, and voila! A delicious and quick meal.

Don't forget to eat the pepper bowl, it's the best part! Once it goes in the over the flavors of the filling seep into the pepper to give it a better taste.


  1. yum! this looks so good!


  2. It looks so yummy and pretty at the same time. It think this would also work as a great side for some nice baked fish

  3. Cute, colourful, and yummy! Looks great :)




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