Jan 15, 2014

Thigh Highs & Minis

In the past few months I have experienced a weird case of writer's block. In my case I have felt a lack of motivation and energy to do the things I normally want to do. I think it's partially due to the weather, a lot of rain makes me want to sleep all day. We had a weirdly warm day this week which was a huge burst of excitement for me (and Oliver) because I could finally go out without a coat on, and we actually went for a walk without both of us freezing our butts off!

I finally feel like things are starting to be back on track. The holidays always throw me off a little, and I am pretty excited to start organizing my time the way I want to. It's been a really interesting week, and I feel like I have been planning things out better than I normally do. I am a creature of habit, and I love to live my life with structure. I think the holidays threw me off, but I am happy to be back into somewhat of a normalcy.

I hope you guys are having an awesome week thus far. I am looking forward to sharing some exciting things coming up around here! Stay tuned ya'll!

Details: Mini Skirt & Boots // Courtesy of Lulus,
High Socks & Shirt // Urban OutfittersRings // Vintage  


  1. the holidays always throw me off, too. as much as i miss being with family and the beach trip with ryan, it's nice to get back to a bit of routine again.

    btw i esp love the picture of you and oliver in these pics. too fun!

  2. I have felt the exact same way. While everyone else is so full of energy and goals for the new year. I'm sitting here like where is my motivation... haha

    Little Sloth

  3. OMG, I really love your blog, here is so beautiful :)
    and I love everything you post here, your glasses, when you teach a recipes, clothes, and when you go to take a photo and your dog appears :) I have a daschund too, her name is Julie and she is brown. I Live in Brazil and I'm learning english, so I hope you understand me, sorry if I wrote something wrong.
    Congratulations, I love your blog :) Kisses!

  4. Great outfit! The tall socks look ultra cozy and I'm loving the plaid! And nice, as always, to see your dog make an appearance :)



  5. Those boots! You are the prettiest. Love you sis.

  6. love those high socks! and I feel the same way; this weather has made me pretty dang lazy.




  7. Hopefully you get more days of sunshine soon! :) I love the top and boots sooo good!

  8. Love the over the knee boots and the plaid shirt! So cute

  9. Glad you are feeling more motivated and focussed. Also loving the plaid. The subtle but different colors in it make it so great!

  10. those socks are too cute!



  11. love yo face. i take a lot of my "wiw" shots at my parents' house, too [even though i moved ha!]. seeeeeeeeeeeesters. :)


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