Jan 6, 2014

The Sparkle In A Sunset

Cold weather makes it really hard to get out of bed, doesn't it? I could spend days wrapped up in my blankets and when snow hits the ground, it's like I'm a baby bear that goes into hibernation mode. NJ got tons of snow over the past few weeks , and although I love how the snow looks, I clearly hate having to put life on hold for it. 

According to Farmer's Almanac it's supposed to be the coldest winter yet (in hundreds of years), with the most snow, so I guess I better get used to it. It's funny, when summer comes I start missing winter, and when winter is here I can't stop thinking about being on the beach in the summer. I guess I'm that girl who assumes the grass is always greener.

Things have finally calmed down now that the holidays are over, and I am getting my place together bit by bit. I am starting to shop for artwork, and spending more time thinking of ideas of how to make my place feel more at home. I love decorating, and organizing so this whole experience has given me so much independence to try new things, and also dive into my more creative side. Until things are more put together I am going to wait on a house tour for the blog, but I do promise it's coming! I'm also back to my recipes again, so you'll see a brand new healthy living recipe tomorrow. The holidays kinda kicked my butt so I am getting back into my routine. Hope you guys have a great start to your week!

 Details : Shirt / Banana Republic , Pants / Nordstrom , Shoes / BCBG , Beanie / Urban


  1. I simply adore the sequined pants and the ankle booties! Gorgeous photos :) Can't wait for the house grand tour

  2. Wow, love it! The pants are so super fun and the boots are killer. Love the snowy background too :)



  3. Those pants are amazing! So sparkly and fun! Happy 2014!

  4. these pants are incredible, love them!


  5. Love those shoes; so cute. And I totally agree: it's hard enough with to get out of bed, let alone with snow on the ground (here in Michigan, we have 12 inches!!!). It's absurd.



  6. those pants. perfection. you are stunning :)

  7. Love these pants, this outfit is so something I would design!


  8. I LOVE this outfit on you. The top fits you like a glove. I can't get over the shoes. And the pants, I want for myself. I'm happy to hear your place is coming together. :) We've been putting artwork up in ours, and it's finally starting to feel like we live here. Hope you show your place when it's done!

    xo Ashley

  9. This look is so fun! I love those pants!
    I can't wait to have a place of my own to decorate. I could probably decorate where I live now, but I live with boys and they are messy so it's not really worth it, ha ha

  10. This winter IS super cold -- I didn't know it was the coldest on record though. Interesting. Also, those sequin pants are amazing!
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  11. Yes, I could definitley just hibernate and stay in bed. In fact, that pretty much sums up our Xmas holiday!! Love this outfit... those pants are amazing. And the light in these photos is killing me. Gorgeous!! xoxo

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  12. Those pants are AMAZING. I hate winter with a passion. I'm counting down the days until spring. Love you sis!

  13. Man it's not even that cold where I live and I don't want to get out of bed and be cold! I actually enjoy when it's cold outside though. It stays hot way to long in Georgia so this is a welcome break.
    Anyway, those sequined pants are the coolest ever. You're rocking them!


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