Jan 8, 2014

More Cateye Please....

So New Years means I make need some sort of upgrade. Don't get me wrong , I LOVEEEEEE my cat eyes, and honestly could never truly part with them, but everyone needs a change once in a while right?

I currently have about four pairs of glasses that I rotate regularly. I have a few rectangle frames, two pair of vintage cat eyes, my ray bans and of course my rounded frames. I love them all and change them depending on my outfit, but for some reason I am feeling restless with my selection as of late.

I have been browsing the internet, and fell in love with these specs from Bonlook. I am thinking of switching to a rounded frame, but I know that I will end up with some cat eyes and possibly some rectangle frames but for now, I am continuing to browse the internet, and of course pinterest to see if anything catches my eye...What sites do you guys use to check out new glasses?

This post is sponsored by Bonlook but all opinions and choices are my own. Thank you for supporting companies that support LTV!


  1. i just got a pair of cat eye frames that i adore. they're a change from my bug-eyed sunglasses.

    love your picks from bonlook! the tortoise frames might be my favorite.

  2. I'm an optician and I love, love glasses. My favorite part of my job is when someone tries on a pair of glasses just to be goofing off and then they end up loving them. This happens the most with cat-eye and round frames.
    Just yesterday I put a 70 year old woman into a pair of cat-eye frames that she was SURE she was going to hate. But she loved them! And they made her look so hip and modern--just like I want to be when I'm 70. :)

  3. I love the blue rounded frames but I also love the cute cat eyes. Hard choice! :)

  4. I love those tortoise shell glasses! I need some new pairs to rotate too because I only have one at the moment and they're kinda getting worn down. boo!



  5. i love the pink sunglasses you have on! also, bonlook is awesome :))


  6. I love cateye glasses too! You have some super nice ones :)



  7. Those big blue ones are nice. I got my frames from the eye doctor ;)

    xo Ashley

  8. Are any of your glasses prescription? I have glasses but I'm a newbie to them honestly and I want to experiment with new styles but glasses in store are EXPENSIVE


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