Nov 6, 2013

Leave The Stress Behind

Hey guys! It's already Wednesday and this week is flying by. It's been such a busy week that I honestly can't remember the last time I felt so stressed out. I guess I haven't moved in a while so that has a huge impact on my stress level as well. How do you guys deal with stress? I don't really have a great way of dealing with it but I do try to just remain level headed and do what I can in the time I have. All the painting is done in my place (finally) and now it's onto carpet cleaning, and then slowly moving things in one by one. You don't realize how much work is involved until you start doing it. I've been feeling like a little kid who has no idea how things work in a place that needs to be fixed up.

 One way to deal with stress? Getting a manicure and pedicure. I swear it makes a huge difference. Sounds silly but really gives you a chance to relax and think. I squeezed one in yesterday and it was probably the best thing I've done all week (besides go to the gym). Working out has been another huge stress relief for me. I have been forcing myself to go even though I have felt exhausted, and once I'm there, it always pays off and I leave feeling 100% better. Do you guys have any tips on dealing with stressful times in your lives? Would love to hear them!

Details: Sweater & Dress // Courtesy of Lulus , Tights// Urban Outfitters, Scarf//Handmade(etsy),Rings//Vintage,Shoes//Gypsy Warrior, Belt// Aldo


  1. When I'm stressed I either go for a run or binge on my favorite television shows on Netflix. Yes, polar opposites as far as coping mechanisms go. I guess, whichever I choose depends on what I'm going through and stressed out about.

    But, a pedicure is always great, too. It's my go-to-treat when I'm in need of some pampering.

    Hope all goes well with the move. I think stress and moving go hand in hand, but somehow, it works itself out and always worth it.

    By the way, I love your scarf!

  2. I love that orange color on you. What a great fall outfit!

  3. Love your outfit--especially that belt that ties everything together:) Hang in there. Stress sucks, but everything will fall into place soon. I usually try to do something just for me each day. Usually that's watching TV in peace in my bed:) It's the little things:)

  4. These pictures are gorgeous. im in love with the scarf! also, i work out too when im super stressed and ill read a book for pleasure for like 15 minutes to half an hour just to get my mind off everything

  5. You are looking so gorgeous in these pictures. I love the white lacy tight. When stressed I like to try to do something I like, no matter how little. It kind of helps me get the pressure off.

  6. I love your scarf and photos!

  7. Hi, you have just been nominated for The Sunshine Award. Head over to to answer the questions and post to your blog.

  8. watch a movie snuggled in bed with a coffee or tea or hot chocolate. or go for walk without phone (or just turn it off) or anything. my stress usually doesn't last for long, I'm the kind of person that's calm on the outside and stressed on the inside without even realizing it. complicated. so I can't help you much :(.. but you'll be so happy when everything is done. :d

  9. 1. working out
    2. drink some wine
    3. talk to Kelly she can tell you all about moving and painting walls, and doing yard work, and killing bugs....#countryliving
    hope you feel better! xo

  10. your nails look great! and i love that scarf


  11. I paint to release stress! I sit in a room playing some music and just paint away. I also keep my phone and computer away. I feel like technology stresses me out even more! hang in there! 2 more days till the weekend. :)

  12. Thank you for the comment on my little ol' blog!! I really appreciate it :) I love your vintage vibe! The orange scarf is perfect for fall!

  13. Man, I'd love to go have a spa day right now. We just moved into a new place, in a new state, a little over a week ago and I'm not gonna lie. There's been a few breakdowns already. Moving's HARD. Good luck on getting all your stuff into your new place and try to keep a positive attitude. You'll do just fine. :) P.s. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

    xo Ashley

  14. I LOVE that sweater!! a manicure is my way of winding down, I love just relaxing while getting pampered! That and a good movie :)

    house work is a lot to do, I can understand your stress!


  15. Love the scarf. Handmade ones are always the best.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  16. I really don't have any great ways to deal with stress even though I probably should. Watching Disney movies helps cheer me up when I'm overly stressed out though!

    Anyway, I love the fall colors in this outfit. Your orange scarf looks incredibly cozy.

  17. Although it is really bad for my wallet, I just go thrifting by myself. Or I grab my camera and just take some pictures. Those things are my go to stress relievers.

    Also, I love your outfit - those boots are absolutely amazing and that belt is the perfect touch!

    Hope that moving continues to go well!


  18. What a lovely Fall outfit! Loving the pattern on the sweater and that cozy scarf is perfect :)



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