Nov 5, 2013

All American Baby

 Details: Sweater (similar) /C/o Lulus , Skirt /Urban Outfitters
Socks/ C/o Richer Poorer , Necklace/ AE , Boots /Bakers

It's funny how quickly life can go from busy to even busier. I'm not complaining though, I love having a lot on my plate, it helps me function better (weird I know). From the past weekend to today, it's gotten significantly colder and it's pretty bitter to be outside, but today was a little bit of a break from that. The sun came out, and Oliver and I spent some time outside, which has become one of my favorite things to do. 

It's amazing how a little tiny pup can bring so much joy into your life. I adopted him only three weeks ago, and already things have changed drastically. He's a lot of work, but I love having the responsibility, and plus he's pretty cute so that helps too.

I'm trying to wear skirts without tights for as long as I possibly can, but that time is running rather short. I have lived in big sweaters and the high sock boots combo for the past few weeks. This change in seasons is probably the best time of year for that outfit combination, so I am not complaining at all.  How sweet are these socks?? I got two more pairs with the cutest patterns and I can't wait to rock them with all my combat boots. Comfort is key.

Still can't really believe that Halloween came and left, does anyone else feel like the fall is going by wayyyy too fast? Anyway, I have some work to do, I hope you guys are having an awesome week!


  1. love this outfit! that sweater is so comfy. and cute pup!


  2. Aww! Puppy!! And of course, cute outfit per usual. :)

  3. He is SO CUTE! Love your outfit, I am obsessed with off the shoulder sweaters and I love the combination of those socks/combat boots :] You are completely gorgeous!

  4. YES! halloween is over and BAM! Christmas decorations! It's Crazy how fast this season is going by! Your little pup is so cute! Having a little guy that will love you unconditionally is the best feeling ever! plus, getting to go out and enjoy the fresh air more regularly because you have to take him out is great as well :-)

  5. I'm so jealous that you can still wear skirts without tights! The sweater is so cute and so is your pup

  6. i love that cozy lookin' sweater. and i agree, sometimes i function better with more on plate -- but here's to hoping you have some slow, down time, too. : )

  7. I love this outfit, that sweater is so pretty! Your necklace is awesome too, I may attempt a DIY and try to make one like yours. And that last photo of you and your pup is precious!

  8. Amazing outfit! I'm going to be adopting a dog here soon and I was looking at a Dachshund too! :)

    Kristina | Beauty With Compassion

  9. Adorable puppy and I like the necklace and sweater together.


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