Nov 14, 2013

A House Is Not A Home

Details: Sweater // Nordstrom , Explorer Booties // C/o PB&J Shop
Socks // C/o Richer Poorer, Button Up // C/o Marshalls

Hey you guys! Sweater weather is among us, and it feels so good! This weekend is going to be in the high 60's though? WEIRD. This week has been a whirlwind of events that is finally coming to an end. The furniture got delivered to the new place today, which is awesome! Everything looks amazing, and now just a little more paint and some random things and I should be good to go! I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, stress is a main part, but I am also really excited. This weekend consists of working, and going to a Rutgers game with one of my best friends, so besides that I don't have much going on, except moving everything in and making it feel like "home." 

I was thinking a little yesterday about when a house starts to feel like a home...and if that's something that transitions over time or if it happens immediately. I would think that slowly a house starts to feel like a home when it's lived in, and cared for. I have a bunch of stuff there right now, but at the time it still feels like a place that is just a place I go, not a place I am planning on living.

It's the little things I am most excited about. Mostly having my friends over and having sleepovers with my girlfriends...Laying with the pup on the couch and falling asleep in front of the TV. Cooking dinner and smelling the whole house up...Putting up a Christmas tree for the first time (not in my parents home)..But more importantly.. Making this place one of a kind, and making it mine. I have so many pictures to share with you guys but lack of time and effort has left me drained so I am going to hold off until I am all ready to share everything. 

Hope you guys are having an awesome week! xo


  1. I think it takes a while for a place to feel like home. After living part time in the same apartment for 4 years it feels a lot more like home now. I think having plenty of stuff and decorations helps!

    But anyway, this sweater is so adorable. I love the polka dot detailing on it. I'm so glad it's finally sweater weather!

  2. Soon your house will turn into your home. When I first moved into my own place, it took a bit of time for me to feel really comfortable. It's great being out there on your own, though! The sleepovers and falling asleep while watching TV sound fun!

  3. I think that the moment you invite people over is when your place is when it starts to feel like home and you really embrace ownership. Love your sweater and even more so, I love sweater weather.

  4. This is such a cute look, I love that sweater! :D
    And yay for the place coming together! I've been in a new place with my cousins since April and I don't know when it started feeling like home. BUT it will definitely feel really like home when I decorate for Christmas, that always makes things more warm

  5. I think as you build memories (and also as you nest, so to speak) it will feel more like a home.

  6. Love this sweater. You looking really pretty my dear.
    Wish you a lovely day. Enjoy it.
    xo, Petra

  7. Love your outfit! :)
    ~Sarah xo

  8. That sweater is gorgeous and that colour looks awesome on you! I found that having plants, a cat, and a dog made my place feel like a home. I'm not sure why, they just help it feel cozier.

  9. i can't wait to see pictures of your new beautiful home! Looking cute as always

  10. love those socks! and i can't wait to see your place!!


  11. Making a house a home is a challenge, but a fun and rewarding one. I do hope you'll post some pictures of your place once you get settled. Also, love those shoes.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy


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