Oct 25, 2013

Trees Painted Red

Details: Top // Courtesy of Marshalls, Earrings // Courtesy of Kensie, Hat // Gift, Sweater, Tights, Skirt // Urban Outfitters , Booties // Courtesy of Lulus , Hat // Gift From Cousin

One of my favorite things to do lately is just walk around and look at the trees. I love how every tree changes colors at different times and sometimes they look almost like they're fading from red to yellow. I don't know about you guys, but I literally blinked and it became cold. What the heck is going on around here? The other day I was literally sweating in jeans, and now I can't put enough layers on. I think this weekend is going to be even colder than the week has been. This weekend is Rutgers homecoming so I will be working for most of it. I am honestly looking forward to it being over already.

This past week was spent finalizing apartment details, ordering furniture (still looking for a couch!) and buying some odds and ends for the place. The bathroom is still being finished so it's hopefully going to be a very soon move in date. Between that and becoming a mommy to this puppy, I am a busy woman. I forgot how much responsibility having a dog is. I know a lot of people get angry when they are compares to having kids (obviously they aren't children) but it falls along similar lines in the sense that you worry about them, you can't leave them alone, and they're extremely attached to you. I ALSO NEED TO ADD: Oliver is the greatest snuggler. This little guy has adjusted my sleep schedule, and I honestly have slept like a baby. 

I'm really looking forward to having a little companion in my new place. It'll be nice to say it's my own space, and I am already pinning items and making folders of ideas I love. So yeah, life is pretty exciting right now, to say the least...Hope you guys are doing well. And Happy Weeeeeeekend!!!!!


  1. Love the purple tights! So cute!

  2. those booties are so cute!!



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  3. That is awesome! Congrats on the new place and new puppy!

  4. Those tights are amazing! I wish our trees changed here in Cali, but alas, they don't. Oliver is still the most adorable little man. Dogs are not children, but they are OUR children. It's taxing. <3

  5. I love your boots, they are so cute! These photos are really lovely. :)

  6. I feel the same way about my cat.. and it didn't get easier since a year ago, but I still love her to pieces!
    anyway, your style is always something to aspire to. I really like it.

  7. What a cute Fall outfit! Loving that skirt and the puppy is adorable :)



  8. Super cute! I really love those booties! Glad to hear the new apartment is coming together and that you're getting lots of cuddle time with Oliver!

    Ladyface Blog

  9. Gorgeous photos! I'm in love with your boots, aren't the colours of the changing leaves just beautiful? x

    The Little Things

  10. I love that outfit!! And your dog is adorable :)


  11. Texas is still super green, I will just pretend I am enjoying the autumnal colors with you instead. I saw a similar pair of booties at Target and almost purchased them. You are always the Most adorable.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  12. Aw, you and your dog are adorable! They definitely brighten the house up with their energy haha. And you look beautiful in these photos, I love your skirt and those ankle booties!


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