Oct 9, 2013

Little Balconies

Details: High Waisted Skinnies // Courtesy of Choies  
 Infinity Scarf  & Shirt (similar) // Courtesy of Lulus 
Booties // Old Navy , Flower Crown // Gift

I have mixed emotions about moving out in less than a month. Of course I am excited, and have tons of ideas in my head about decorating a new place, but part of me feels a little sad. I'm not moving far away, and most things won't be too different, but I am sad about leaving the house I grew up in. 

I'm going to miss this little balcony / fire escape when I move. It's where I used to sit every night when I couldn't sleep and count stars. It's also where I snuck out as a teenager to smoke cigarettes with my friends and thought I was cool. (Sorry Mom-I know you're probably reading this).

There's a certain comfort that comes with "being home." I guess over time we get older and the meaning of home changes, families start to spread out, and things become different for everyone in their own lives.

A home is somewhere that holds memories, and years of life all in one place. It's somewhere you go when you're sick, and when you want to just feel better. Somewhere that always smells like delicious food cooking, and cookies baking. Waking up in your own home on Christmas even has its own scent. There are a few places in my life I can consider home and those places are always going to be a part of me. I really don't think that anyone ever loses their sense of home. You just gain more places that start to feel like home over time. Who says who can't have more than one?


  1. love this post. and girl, you look amazing! those jeans were made for you



  2. Yea, I felt the same way when I moved out a couple years ago. But I still go over all the time and during Christmas I stay for the week even though I'm only 2 minutes away, haha...separation issues?

  3. Home is definitely a special place, but luckily you're not going far. :) When I moved out, I missed home cooked meals more than anything else. It's hard to want to cook for yourself every night. Don't know how my mom has done it all these years. It's always a treat to go home, for that especially. Keep your chin up, lady. :) P.s. obsessing over that scarf.

    xo Ashley

  4. I love your flower crown and your scarf! So stinkin' cute!!!

  5. This may be my favorite post that I've seen of yours so far. So cute! And moving is hard. I've been there. Of course, I was only moving for six months, but I have spent a whole year abroad and yes, it's rough, but it's definitely worth it. Everything happens for a reason :)


  6. Love!

    Katie + Chels


  7. What a great outfit! The scarf looks so cozy and the floral crown is lovely :)



  8. Those booties are so cute! Love the color

  9. I found it really hard to leave home for the final time! I'd been away at uni for years but always had my room at home, so actually moving all my stuff out was a bit sad. Plus, I was moving from a nice house in the country with lovely gardens and privacy to a little cottage in town, which took a bit of getting used to. Hope it goes ok!


  10. Love this post. I wish I missed home more, but I'm pretty accustomed to being on my own now. That scarf is divine.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  11. My parents and I have moved so many times that I know there are always going to be multiple homes for me! The fun part is learning what types of memories move with you regardless of the physical home:)
    - applewood road

  12. You are so cute! I love that headband!


  13. Wow, that outfit is perfect on you. Stay dry in this horrible Jersey weather. :)

  14. eep! where are you moving? did i miss that post? [sorry!]
    this is seriously one of my fave outfits on you. LURV.


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