Oct 11, 2013

A Night With Marshalls At The #FABFOUND Loft

You know when you walk into a place and instantly you feel compelled to take photos of everything? That's the experience I get every time I walk into the Marshalls Fab Found loft. The bloggers working with Marshalls this season for Project Fab were invited into New York City for a happy hour of sorts to celebrate their curated fall fashion collection. You guys might remember me writing about another event at the loft a little over a month ago.  It was a nice intimate setting where we all got a chance to know each other better. I really love smaller gatherings like this because it gives you a chance to really get to know people, and have a chance to learn more about what they do, and how they live their lives. We obviously all had a lot to talk about, and the night ended with us sipping cocktails at the dinner table and eating the tastiest hors d'oeuvres.

The great thing about the Fab Found loft is that it's actually someone's home so the way it's decorated makes you feel like you're at a friends house catching up. Every single inch was filled with goodies from Marshalls, and clothing racks of their fall staples, which made me want to go shopping immediately! It also gave me some serious inspiration when thinking about decorating my place, and how you can get so many versatile pieces from Marshalls (and for less than half the price, might I add). 

Being a huge *FALL* fan makes a place like the Fab Found loft a dream come true. Some of the trends I noticed this fall are definitely the darker shades of our primary colors. There were tons of reds, blues, yellows and greens throughout their collection of clothing at the loft. I also noticed a ton of detailing through studs, mixed media pieces (leather paneling & suede pieces) , and of course, animal print! We had a ton of fun trying things on and talking about the shopping experiences we all have in the Marshalls that are closest to us. 

One of my favorite parts about the whole night, was being able to talk to a group of women who share a lot of the same interests that I do. It's nice being around other people who understand what you do, and why you do it. It's also awesome that no one will judge you when you take your camera out a million times to photograph the tiny burgers & mousse.


  1. Sunning photos!
    I have to ask what kind of camera do you use?

  2. it looks awesome! & I just love the photos :)

  3. Yayy, it was so fun! :D I loved that it was a smaller group too, much easier to talk to people that way, haha.

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time. The food looks delicious!

  5. Looks like such a cool event and your hair is pretty as always.

    Have a great day,

  6. sounds like fun! marshalls is one of my favorites. i see so many amazing bag!!



  7. Okay I am seriously jealous!!!



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