Aug 30, 2013

My Vintage Romance

Details:Pants/Courtesy of PB&J Shop , Top & Hat/Urban Outfitters,Rings/Vintage, Shoes/Courtesy of Le Bunny Bleu

With the summer days fading away it's hard to remember how much we all yearned for it before it was here. I keep thinking about spending my days watching the leaves fall from the trees, and taking brisk walks in the park with my Dad in the mornings. Fall is a great season that comes and goes too fast, and as soon as it's gone I miss it terribly. Like everything though,it serves its purpose and then leaves. It comes again of course, but every year has its own qualities. This year is much different from the last for so many reasons. I was starting school a year ago, and this year I am starting a new career.

I hope you guys enjoy Labor Day Weekend, and I have some really exciting news to share next week. I have been busy trying to build up the surprise, but I simply can't wait any longer! xoxo


  1. I love the floral pants! So cute

  2. love those shoes and your nails! everything about this is so fun. :) congrats on a brand new career! so happy for you, friend.

  3. Do you find that the shoes run true to size? I've been wanting to buy from LBB, but I'm afraid they won't fit right!
    I'm excited to hear your news next week!

    1. I'm usually a 5 and these are a 6 but they're a little big on me, I would size up slightly if you can!

  4. i love this outfit! those pants rock and i'm totally drooling over the color and style of those shoes.


  5. Love those shoes! :)

  6. I am kind of obsessed with those sunglasses. Seriously cute!


  7. Love these shoes, the color is so fab! I'm quite excited for fall... the changing colors of leaves is always so beautiful.

    Xo, Hannah

  8. Oh man those shoes are just so cute! What a fun color! I love how they look with your patterned pants. And I'm right there with you about fall. Though we're far away from it in Georgia. It was in the 90s this week. ughh.

  9. Your blog is beautiful!
    I really like this outfit too - your hair is lovely!

    Love PixiRella xx

  10. Love those shoes!!!



  11. Your blog is so beautiful =) i loved it!
    And i love the floral pants! xx


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