Jun 7, 2013

Wednesday Addams in NYC

Dress & Shades // Courtesy of Wizards Of The West ,Shoes // Courtesy of Blowfish 
Headpiece // F21 , Handbag // Courtesy of GGL

I find it funny that now that I have all this found freedom & time, I am worse at time management. When I am super busy and constantly running around, I am better with my time than I am now. On that note, it's been a whirlwind of a week. I can't believe we're already peeking into the summer, and the weather has been awful in NJ. Rain, rain and more rain. The beginning of the week was perfect, my Mom and I took a little day trip into the city so she could handle some errands at the Cyprus Embassy, so we snapped these pictures along the way.

It's funny how it's June and yet, I was wearing long sleeves and leggings. My Mom was cracking jokes about how I belonged in the Addams family that day, and if I had braids in my hair, I would look exactly like Wednesday Addams. I pretty much love it. She's the cutest little goth chick ever. Funny how the weather changes every minute these days, completely unpredictable! Going into the city made me realize how much I miss being in that atmosphere. I don't miss the commute so much, but I definitely miss the streets, the walks and the people watching. I'm currently on the job hunt so things are getting interesting around here. I have been applying for full time jobs, in order to gain some experience before I venture off into owning my own business one day. I am excited and anxious for the working days that await me, but I can't lie, I am definitely enjoying this time off. Haven't had it in close to 4 years!

I hope you guys have a great weekend, stay dry and smile!


  1. This outfit is so gorgeous! I love the Wednesday Addams look!


  2. So cute, and I love Wednesday! Though I'm pretty sure she probably wouldn't wear a floral crown :)

    xox Sammi

  3. Wednesday Addams is so inspiring!

  4. You're way to happy and smiley! Haha but that's a good thing. I love your spin on it!

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  5. I'll take your rain and give you our icky 90○ weather. v.v

    Also, Wednesday Addams is adorable and so are you, and I do agree with your mom!!! I love this outfit. :D

  6. love your headpiece!!! and your sunnies. so pretty.

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  7. Love your shoes! Gorgeous outfit! :)


  8. Good luck for seeking the job, nice top :))

  9. That dress is so cute. I love your sungalsses, too! ;))


  10. Love your story and outfit of the day. It's so cute.

  11. Love the Wednesday Addams inspiration! Super cool. And nice that the floral crown adds a bit of cheer to the outfit. You look great! xo



  12. You have such a cute blog, I love your style! Excited to follow along :)

  13. Enjoy your time off (and these lovely glasses!). :)


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