Mar 22, 2013

Born On The Bayou

I got some straight bangs, a packed bag, and I plan on singing Creedence the whole way to New Orleans. While you're reading this I am probably on a plane snuggled up with my book reading away and hoping to land as soon as possible(fun fact: I hate flying). I can't wait to try all the food and experience the culture in New Orleans, it's always been a place to visit on my travel list. This also jump starts my traveling for the "spring/summer" (even thought it's freezing out!) my next two stops are Minnesota and Austin(txsc) later in the Summer.

So I hope you all have a great weekend, and please send the recommendations for New Orleans my way via comments & emails. The suggestions already received are greatly appreciated! If you want to keep in touch with my traveling follow me on twitter & instagram @littletreevtg.

Details: Necklace // Courtesy of Francesca's Collections , Jacket // Target 
Dress & Booties  // Courtesy of Lulu's


  1. I love this head to toe.. but I love NOLA even more. It is party city and there's so much to do! Cannot go wrong in that city at all. Have fun!

  2. Have fun! I hope I can visit there some day too. I've heard great things about it.

  3. Can't wait to hear all about Nola!

    <3 Melissa

  4. Beautiful look! I looove the necklace, and the dress/jacket combination is so lovely on you. I've never been to New Orleans... enjoy a muffuletta for me!

    xox Sammi

  5. love that necklace...

    xo janika

  6. I've never been but everyone I know who has has loooved it. So fun to kick off your travels that way!

  7. Lovely necklace and ankle boots! It's red

  8. Oooh I loved NOLA when I visited last summer! You must have some beignets, a hand grenade, crawfish poboy, and a jamablaya just to name a few things! :) I blogged about our trip if you are interested in some ideas!

    Have so much fun!

  9. love your necklace, it´s super beautiful! :D

  10. I've always wanted to visit New Orleans! Have fun!!


  11. I'd visit Bon Temps from True Blood... if it were real. Haha! Have a safe flight!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  12. Oooh, New Orleans! Exciting! Love CCR... and those red boots ;)


  13. What a fun necklace :) Safe travels!!

    xo Ashley

  14. I want your glasses!!

  15. New Orleans is my favorite city. I graduated from University of New Orleans. I can't wait to see what you do while in NOLA!

  16. You're really inspiring! I love that look and the necklace!

    PS Have you heard that GFC will be switched off on July 1st? You can read about it here I hope you'll follow me via bloglovin,too to continue to get in touch! I've already done it!

  17. I just followed your blog after being referred from an ad on IFB, and I LOVE it!
    The necklace and boots in this post are perfect... I love that accessories like that can completely transform a basic black dress :)
    Looking forward to the fashion inspiration I'm sure I'll get from your blog!


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