Jan 22, 2013

Through The Lens

The worst part of winter is not being able to run around without a coat on. I can't stop dreaming about the summer, and it's soooooo far away. I don't think it helps that this is going to be the coldest week so far. Nothing wrong with some warm thoughts right? I've been trying to snap some quick pictures whenever I get a chance because it's been so cold, and I am still feeling under the weather. This week is already starting off way better than last week and I am going to enjoy a few more days off before Monday rears its ugly head.

I am in the process of figuring out post graduation plans, which is pretty exciting for me. I am hoping to have more ideas that I can put into action soon, and more planning can be done one step at a time. The great thing about dreams is that they really are achievable if you have the patience and perseverance to see them through. As time creeps closer, I promise to share more details with you guys, and hopefully I will have more news very soon. 

In other news, my online class ends today! I will be taking my final after work and I am so happy to be done with it, I am ready for the spring semester! My classes this semester include small store fashion retailing, fashion merchandising, contemporary retail management, my internship class, and a team development workshop. I am most excited for the small store fashion retailing class. When I saw my advisor a few months ago, she thought it would be a good idea for me to take this course since I ultimately want to own my own business. If I had more time I would definitely be taking more classes (electives) that aren't mandatory for graduation. I have also thrown around the idea of taking some jewelry making classes after graduation just for fun.

Anyway! Before any more rambling takes place, I hope you guys have a great day. Keep that smile on. xo

Details: Top // Gypsy Warrior (last year) , Skirt // Urban Outfitters, Booties // Target, Tights // Courtesy of We Love Colors , Glasses // RayBan Cateye


  1. Oh I love those booties! Gorgeous as always :) Good luck on your final!

    XO, Kelsey

  2. Love those tights and booties! I am so ready for summer too...it can't come soon enough.

  3. Very pretty look, I love your top!

  4. Gorgeous outfit. Absolutely LOVE the shirt :)

  5. I am graduating soon too so I know how excited you must be! Your last few classes sound like a great way to end it!

  6. Hattitude Style Blog

    i am majorly jealous of all your classes you are taking! they sound great, especially when wanting to open up your own business.
    I own a jewellery company. You should most definitely take a class!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  7. I really love this post, reading your words make me wanna follow my dreams! :)

    Your outfit is really cute!


  8. So cute! Love the shoes...so great to be graduating. Congrats!

    Tiff Ima

  9. I love this outfit, especially the booties :) The very thought of graduating excites me, con"grad"ulations!

  10. What a cutie. Love your glasses!


  11. I was an art minor in college and there was a metal working class that focused a lot on jewelry making. I always thought it would be cool, but I just didn't have enough room in my schedule to squeeze it in.

    Anyway, really cute boots!

    2ndhand Knowledge

  12. Your hair always look so pretty!
    Love your outfit!
    The Introverted Brunette

  13. you're so gorgeous it hurts!

  14. I love that blouse! And I hear you about the weather, even if I'm not out taking outfit pictures. Spring is coming, though.

  15. Gorgeous outfit! We're entering our coldest week yet (down in the teens), as well... immediately following "winter" weather of 60+ degrees! I haven't been able to put away my fall wardrobe but I can't quite wear my winter wardrobe either.

  16. you're so beautiful and ladylike here! love it!


  17. Ooo jewelry making sounds fun! I kinda wish I were in your shoes and taking a fashion career route... Maybe I'll change!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  18. Hi Maria - just found your blog and noticed we have the same kind of 'hidden' front highlight! love your hair!

    love from california,


  19. Congratulations on finishing your ecourse! Can't wait to hear your post-grad plans - I'm still trying to figure mine out. x

    <3 Melissa

  20. your skin and hair look perfect! :)

    join my galaxy leggings GIVEAWAY!

  21. love your polkadot top, adorable! i hope your exam went well, sounds like you have some pretty awesome classes and plans in your future!! happy almost weekend!

  22. Your classes sound super-fun! :) And I'm in love with your glasses - too cute!

  23. Oh my! Your classes sounds so fun! I'd love to join ya in them :P
    Britney of Lemonwood and Honey

  24. This outfit is adorable!



  25. You are gorgeous and have adorable clothes!



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