Nov 26, 2012

Snaps & Updates

Hey guys! I am feeling very much under the weather today, so I just wanted to pop in and share some photos from Thanksgiving. Most of the weekend was spent doing my homework, and then of course today when my 10 page paper was due, the professor decided to cancel class...It actually worked out great because I wasn't really feeling up to going anyway. I usually get pretty sick once a year, and this might be it for me. Officially ran myself into the ground. Will I ever learn??

Also one more thing before I go. I was contacted by a lovely lady named Kellene who said I inspired her to help out for Hurricane Sandy relief. I had left her a comment a month back telling her how talented she was and how she should make some paintings of NJ and sell them to help aid those who were affected by the hurricane. She did such a beautiful job, and her paintings really are one of a kind. Please go check them out, and if you feel inclined, buy a painting to help the Red Cross aid in Sandy relief. Her shop is called The Lovely Little Day, and she has some beautiful pieces.


  1. Super cute photos of Tday! I bet those caprese bites were yum!

  2. Looks like a lovely Thanksgiving! And that artwork is really gorgeous!

  3. What a great idea :) Those paintings are gorgeous

    xo Ashley

  4. Thank you for everything Maria! I hope you start feeling better soon! You are so sweet! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  5. well done doing your work with all the distractions! that food looks yummy!
    the paintings are lovely, like countries!

    Barnicles x

  6. what fun thanksgiving photos! it looks like you had fun. hope you're feeling better. such pretty watercolors, in the shape of states. good causes bring joy.


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