Sep 28, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Details: Dress // Delias(a few years ago) , Thunderbird Mocs // Courtesy of Minnetonka , Fedora // F21

I took these pictures over a month ago when the weather wasn't dreary and rainy. I'm going to miss certain parts of the summer(especially the sun) but for the most part I am definitely over it. Pretty soon the tan will completely fade, and my shorts will retire for a while. I'm still trying to squeeze them in when I can though, it's not cold enough yet. With any passing season, I am usually ready for the next one every time the current season is coming to an end. Even though I really love the fall I also love the winter. I love the holidays, I love the feeling that comes with the cold days, the lights, everything seems a little more magical than usual. Plus being a December baby makes me ultimately love that month the most, not surprising at all. In a few short months I will be 26, and I can't really tell you where the past year has gone, I really don't even know what happened half of the time, it all blends together like one big chunk, and now looking back, I wish I paid more attention.

This weekend is supposed to stay rainy around here, which means I will probably be heading to the city today with my hunter rain boots on. It's funny how many pairs of hunters you see on a rainy day in NYC, last year when I worked in the city I'm pretty sure I saw every color on the subway. It's like a big rainbow of boots out there, maybe I'll spot ROY G BIV on my way to class.

Anyway, clearly I am rambling on..Have a great weekend, and remember to keep smiling! No one likes a sour puss!


  1. your moccasins are adorbs!! nicely paired together with the entire outfit!!

    hope the rain doesn't come this way soon... I'm enjoying the sunshine!!

    Happy Friday! xo, Bev

  2. You look beautiful in this dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Perfect ensemble! You're so pretty!

  4. When I lived in Chicago I loved spotting other people in their Hunter boots on my way around town. That lace dress is gorgeous on you!

  5. I was so happy to wear my rain boots today! I'm so ready for the cold weather to come


  6. LOVE LOVE this look and especially that dress!!! Shoes are adorable!!!

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  7. Pretty dress!

    We're having a rainy weekend too. So depressing!


  8. Love the way this drips in lace!

  9. Nice dress! You look great!

  10. I'm a sucker for anything lace, and I love the way you added the hat & moccs. You're so cute!


  11. Love this pics and your blog!! Is so cool the photos are great and what you write is ever interesting!
    Do u want to follow each other?

    New post about "organize your accessories"


  12. oh gosh I'm so glad I found your blog, it is so cute!

  13. I love that dress! So cute! I am excited about Fall, but I will miss Summer a little. I won't miss the heat though.

  14. Oh my! I totally love your dress. =)

  15. I looooove your dress and shoes, so lovely! x

  16. That dress is wonderful and I love how you paired it with the moccasins!


  17. cute moccasins!
    I found your blog on tavi's blog and I love it! please check out mine :)
    xx gabi

  18. waoo very glam and romantic dress! I love the picture wher you are siting ;)

  19. 26 was a fun birthday. I hope you will have a really great one when December comes. It is odd, My birthday is in November (on the 3rd) but it is not my favorite month at all. April is. You are right that most people tend to favor the month they were born in.
    You look beautiful!!


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