Jun 23, 2012

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Usually when I watch shows/movies, the one thing I focus on is the clothing. The era, the material, the patterns. Some may think that it takes away from what I am watching but in fact, it makes me enjoy it even more. One show I have always loved to watch is Boardwalk Empire. I really love that time period, and I really adore the colors & beading that went into everything. These are some of my favorite shots from the show. They all make me want to go on a huge shopping spree. When I think of the time during the prohibition all I can envision in my head are these underground speakeasies that were glamorous and unique. Whether or not they were glamorous I will never know but I still think there is something special about that time. Everything had more character, and the woman always looked so classy. I looked up some similar items on etsy and wanted to share them with you, because you can definitely find some great vintage items that are similar. When I have gone to the casinos(which isn't often) they are less than glamorous. As some of you may know Atlantic City is in NJ and sometimes we go there for special occasions, or just for fun. Usually I just sit on the slot machine and waste some money until I win a little bit of money, and then I lose it again. It's all fun, but I wish people dressed more like they did back then, then how they do now. Is there any show/movie that you love watching because of the different styles?  I really love the styling in Mad Men, and the movie Water For Elephants. Tell me your favorites I would love to check them out! 


  1. Boardwalk Empire is one of my favorite shows - for the stories and the styling. I love that era too. I also adore Mad Men for the same reasons and Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey is absolutely gorgeous to watch and the story will suck you in :).

  2. It is one of the best shoes for inspiration and beautiful fabrics! That and Mad Men! :) x

  3. I loved Water for Elephants, just gorgeous costumes and an amazing story. I really love the clothes in Midnight in Paris, especially Marion Cotillard's. I've always wanted to check out Boardwalk Empire, now I'll have to!

    the lemonade stand

  4. I have never watched this. Is it worth me getting addicted to another show!? I only watch shows at night so I always stay up til 3 or 4 am


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