Mar 29, 2012

Dreaming In Vintage

I have been going crazy browsing through ASOS's vintage and retro boutiques. I stumbled across the boutiques pretty much by accident while looking at their usual items on the website. I must say I found so many vintage dresses that are currently on my wishlist, and I figured since it's Friday, I can share them with you and maybe we can both do some shopping this weekend! My favorite trend for the spring/summer is short mini dresses with huge platforms, but also longer maxi dresses with a tiny jacket over them. Here are some of my favorite picks from the vintage boutiques on ASOS.

What are some of your favorite styles for spring & summer? Be sure to check our ASOS's boutiques for some great deals on vintage & vintage inspired clothing. They definitely have some great wardrobe staples for the upcoming months! Hope you guys have a great weekend!


  1. Wow there are some gorgeous dresses there. WIll be doing some shopping this weekend for sure!

  2. I think the dress I want most is your chevron one in the previous post! Gorgeous!

  3. love love love!

  4. I love searching through the ASOS vintage boutiques :) All these dresses are so gorgeous, I'm loving really soft and flowy looks this Spring.

  5. These are all so gorgeous! If only! :)
    Did you announce the winner of the giveaway yet?

  6. me too! i've even been thinking about selling some of my stuff on the asos marketplace. These are some great finds by the way. very cute dresses :)

    Sanam x
    My Fashion/Photography blog: DayByDiva

  7. I am so jealous! It's autumn in Australia, so the weather is only getting further away from little sundresses.

    My go-to look was scruffy denim shorts, tan leather sandals and a big t-shirt. Not super stylish.

    - Fifi

  8. So pretty!! Yay, spring is here!!

    xx Sophie

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  10. I love the mod blue mini dress.

    Great blog!


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