Dec 13, 2011

Paint It Black.

This plaid shirt has been in so many of my outfit posts because it's so versatile! I love wearing it with patterned sweaters and basic colored sweaters because there are so many colors, that you can pretty much match it with anything. This is what I am wearing to work today. I'm not lying when I say that I dream of the days when I can wear whatever I want to work..By whatever I want I mean dresses, high pumps, headbands,(not all at the same time) but whatever I am feeling in that moment. Although I do have some creative control over what I wear to work now, I still can't really be in a dress/heels all the time considering I work in an Emergency Room; it's not really appropriate. It's a little difficult at times because I feel like I can't fully express myself, but I do hope that one day, I won't have to worry about that and I will be able to wear what I want, when I my own shop :) I have to remind myself sometimes when I get frustrated that if I keep believing that things will turn out the way I want, they will...positivity is a crucial part of success, and even though I am more prone to the negative, there's no room for negativity's just not going to cut it! 

Details <<
Black pants --ann taylor loft
Satchel- Fossil (birthday gift from Alex!)
Leg Warmers- A&F (circa my college years)
Boots- Courtesy of Blowfish Shoes
Plaid Button Up / Black Sweater-  UO


  1. twin boots!!! and i love the pink peeking out of them. you are so cute, friend!

  2. Love this shirt paired with the sweatshirt. So cute!

  3. I love this outfit! I just love black outfits with pops of color here & there :) You are adorable!

  4. your hair looks absolutely perfect!!! :) lovely post!


  5. you are totally cute! i love how your shirt and those leggings peek out!! :)


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