Dec 10, 2011

I'm Late For A Very Important Date!

The weather is getting all kinds of chilly here in New Jersey and yesterday was my first full day off without having to do ANYTHING at all. I must admit it was nice to get some errands done, go to the gym and just relax..I thoroughly enjoyed it, I definitely appreciate days like this. As the month goes on I really cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner, a mere two weeks away! Although some of my shopping is done, I am not quite ready for everything yet...I always feel like it creeps up on me, every year I say the same things..."I can't believe it's December" or "Where did the time go?" I think as we get older time just moves by a lot quicker. I remember being a tiny gal(way tinier) and thinking that Christmas could not come soon enough, or my birthday wasn't hurrying to get here...Now I feel like it's the complete opposite...I almost wish time would slow down a bit so I could catch up..but such is life, we move with its pace, and do everything on the go..I really do love the time that I can just sit back and not rush to go anywhere, or do's time like this that I can really just relax, and let my mind sit still and take it all in... :)

this last photo came out all blurry and out of focus on the bottom, 
but for some reason I really liked it, it gives it a cool little glow :)

Details <<
Asymmetrical Skirt // Pocket Watch Necklace - ModCloth
Collegiate Sweater- Tj Maxx
Black Tank-GAP
Handbag- Gift for my birthday- Marc Jacobs(isn't it so pretty!)
Shoes- Aldo
Rings- Vintage ; Gifts


  1. Your skirt is so pretty! I really love it! ♥
    xx Laura

  2. what a pretty skirt! and a marc jacobs bag for your birthday?! you are a lucky girl!

  3. Such a cute outfit..I love that ring too! :) -Lo

  4. i'm just loving your blog these days...i can only assume it's because your bangs are the cutest ever.

  5. love your outfit and necklace!! i want your skirt SOO badly!!

  6. Pretty lady! I also like that last photo, sometimes it's funny how an accidental photo/mistake ends up looking super cool!

  7. And to think it used to be fair weather in Jersey last week. Bitter bitter cold now. So upsetting. And still hardly any snow. I hope we get a white Christmas.

    But I love this outfit! I wish I could have that skirt!

    xo kristen


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