Sep 12, 2011

Floral Crown: Outfit Post

A few weeks ago my cousin gave me this floral crown as gift, she thought I would like it. I do indeed, LOVE IT however it is not a crown or head piece, it's actually a necklace..Funny I could never picture myself wearing it as that, but it makes a great headband, and I love styling it! I also adore this dress but have only worn it a handful of times! I sadly forgot to take a photo of the back of the dress, it is trimmed with lace going all down the neckline, I kinda missed out on the best part :-\ but I am sure you guys get the idea! I decided to pair the dress with my new hanaki booties from Blowfish. These boots are the best! If you follow me on twitter you saw that I couldn't stop talking about these beautiful little boots, they are so comfortable, and the wedge makes them easy as pie to walk in! They will definitely get a lot of wear this fall, I can't wait! 

Dress/Belt - UO
Hanaki Booties- Courtesy of Blowfish Shoes
Floral Crown(originally a necklace)- Gift from my cousin
Rings- My personal collection (France, Spain, and UO)


  1. great photographs! adorable necklace/headpiece lol :D


  2. aw, such cute pictures! and loooove those shoes, twin. ;)

  3. you are SOO adorable!! love the dress, headpiece and shoes.. and glasses too! :D

  4. Great Look. Love the 'crown' :)

    Very pretty!


  5. I have a very similar necklace I bought a Primark in England a few months ago. I haven't worn it yet but it could be turned into a headband. Really clever idea!

  6. You are such a beauty. Love the crown!!
    And I didn't realize we were the same age.


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