Sep 13, 2011

25 things before 25!

Originally I was inspired to do this post by seeing many others do the same regarding whatever age they were turning...I think one of the first ones I ever read was Michelle's over at Oh, Mishka. I have been thinking about turning 25 lately and I feel really strange about the whole thing..I know it's just another year, and "age ain't nothin but a numba"(please forgive me for that) but I still feel a bit melancholy about it. I guess reality really hits you the older you get and you realize you should try and get yourself together... in all aspects. Regardless of what age I don't think anything should be forced, I think things happen in due time, and age shouldn't really make any kind of difference, although I can see the pressure it puts on people. Anyway, before I get off topic here are some of the things I would like to do in the next few months before December 3rd rolls around.

1: Juice cleanse/detox for 10 days
2: Try to narrow down my future education / plans
3: Make most of my Halloween costume myself
4: Help cook Thanksgiving dinner at my house
5: Attend at least one craft fair or event regarding blogging/handmade
6: Start to work out again, at least 2-3 days a week
7: Coach my nephews to be my backup singers(they love Katy Perry)
8: Alter one article of clothing that does not fit properly
9: Be in two places at once (YES IT'S POSSIBLE-WALK TO REMEMBER, ha!)
10: Continue to challenge myself daily
11: Finish reading the books I have left unread (there are two)
12: Buy more vinyl
13: Play guitar more, and practice, practice PRACTICE!
14: Plan a trip
15: Do at least one DIY that has been on my list, there are tons!
16: Walk through central park(East-West) one day in the fall when the leaves start changing
17: Have a closet clean-out and donate/sell a lot of what I do not use
18: Go to Coney Island with Alex
19: Start taking a class- ie. spin / yoga
20: Go pumpkin picking and carve a pumpkin
21:Visit the botanical gardens in Brooklyn
22:Watch live music at least once a month
23: Make a new autumn wreath for my Mom (poppies)
24: Meditate at least once a week
25: Stop being so hard on myself, and allow myself to just be.


  1. yahhh to pumpkin picking and carving - so fun!! p.s. love your cowl!!

  2. Such a good list! I love #22! I go to see live music as much as I can. I'm convinced it's good for the soul. :)

    Have a fabulous week!

  3. Such a good list! I really want to try your number 1, too, but I don't know if I could make it. Good luck with all these :)

  4. Sweet list my deer youngun! ;) I think your gonna rock every single one of those! How cute are you!!!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  5. love. i think you should plan a trip to atlanta, georgia. just sayin! ;)

  6. These are really good goals. I like the live music once a month idea, especially.

  7. these are good ones! I need to workout again too! I havent since June and Now im squishy!


  8. Good luck with your list! Put plan a trip as #1. Have something yummy from Nathan's for me when you visit Coney Island!

  9. OMG. You're so young. Good luck with all you goals. I should write down pumpkin picking and carving on my list too. I've never done that.

    **light bulb** We should have a blogger pumpkin picking field trip or creative pumpkin carving contest.


  10. I think I have 4 book to finish.

    But yet I keep starting new ones.

    Oh me. Sigh.

  11. I love your list:) I also need to practice more guitar=/ I love your outfit!

  12. What a great list! Thank you for sharing your goals. It is very inspiring! (I'm turning 25 too!) Good luck!

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR


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